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10 Practical Tips for a Smooth Residential Move Across States

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We as one of the most reliable movers southern Maryland would like to help with your move across states. We know that this can be hard and exhausting since the move is long and you’ll have to change as well as adapt to a lot of new things. Your surrounding, friends, school, work, etc. a lot of things will change. We’ve made a list of 10 Practical Tips for a Smooth Residential Move Across States. So let’s dive in!

The first tip for a residential move across states

The first thing that you should do is make a master plan. Determine the maximum amount of money you can spend when relocating out of state. Will you be able to carry any of your goods in your car or a rented truck, or will you hire professional movers? If you’re contemplating a do-it-yourself move, you should research the cost of hiring a moving truck. Think about family or friends that could help you with the move. So here the idea is to get the big picture, so you can, later on, focus on details. For example, will you buy relocation insurance? Will you use an airplane or will you go by car, etc.

The second tip for a residential move

The second tip is decluttering. You should first make a checklist of all of your belongings. After crafting a master plan you should now divide all of your belongings into three categories:

  • Keep the things that are precious to you.
  • Donate especially if you are in a hurry.
  • Sell if you have a lot of time.

We as cross country movers Maryland have a lot of experience and decluttering can also lower the price of the move.

Man donating a carton of eggs to a woman because he is preparing for a smooth residential move across states;
If you have any leftover food, consider donating it to a local food bank or a homeless shelter.

Our third tip is to choose between DIY or professional moving company

So if you are moving on short notice you should consider hiring professionals, since they’ll help you with their shortcuts. Also moving companies are better at planning since they have two advantages experience and people. So more hands will make it faster anyway, they can also help you pack, declutter, clean, etc. While for some people who don’t have a big budget, DIY may be the only solution, for some it’s just fun.

Tip number four is to find a good moving company

If you’ve chosen to hire a moving company, now, you’ll have to find the right one. First, you can check it online and try to find the one with real reviews. Secondly, you’ll have to check for quotes and compare prices. We as cross country movers Maryland would also advise asking companies about extra charges, insurance, and fees.

Tip number five for a residential move across states

Prepare to move your car. The shipping of your car can take up to 2 weeks. We as one of the more reliable interstate movers Maryland know this, so this is our friendly advice. Also, you can ask if you are on a budget for a friend or a family member to carpool you.

Man going to dock to ship his car, since he is planning to move to another state;
Shipping your car is important if you want to have a smooth residential move across states since you’ll have nothing to worry about.

Tip number six – check the storage options

Let’s get back to the decluttering part. If you’ve made a list of all of your belongings, after that you can’t still get all the things in your house. What should you do then? Well, we have a solution for you. You could rent storage, you can use it before, while, and after you move. They can also be used for storing some special things, especially if you have some with the best before label or if your declutter wasn’t enough. Some people just love all of their stuff, so in that case, this is the solution.

Tip number seven for a smooth move across states

Take photos of all of your belongings. Some people even go so far as to make short videos of their whole packing process. That is okay since moving companies will have to pay if something has gone missing. But if the customer would like to prove that, the moving company would like to have proof. This isn’t hard and it won’t take you a lot of time to do it. Also, take photos of all of your documents.

Man taking a picture of his his girlfriend, while they are packing for a smooth move across states;
This step can also be done with your phone, nowadays you don’t need fancy cameras and equipment; while some of you would prefer a video.


Tip number eight for your smooth move

This tip is a bit more boring but it’s what you’ll have to do anyway. Contact your utility company, since you don’t want to come to a new house without power or water. We as residential movers MD saw this couple of times. People just forget because they were in a rush or just simply they had to do something else. Also contact your cable company, or internet provider, update your mailing address, etc.

Tip number nine – say the proper “goodbye”

As the song lyrics go “It’s time to say goodbye”. You can make a “goodbye party” as people like to call it. We suggest that if you were closer to some coworkers, friends, or family, you should maybe have a drink with them or see them one by one. While for others you can simply make a party. Now, some people like to make a going away party at a local diner or your favorite place where you hang out or you can do it at your home.

Last but not the least

Get a new driver’s license so you can explore your new surroundings. You must check online, but many states require you to get a new driver’s license, so check it out. Also, you’ll be much faster and it’ll be much easier to explore your new habitat. Just imagine all the new places that you’ll see and all the awesome new people that you’ll meet. So that is it for today. These were our 10 Practical Tips for a Smooth Residential Move Across States. Have a great move!