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10 Questions To Ask Your Maryland Movers

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The process of relocating is a major one, so before you call your local Maryland moving company, you should make a list of questions to ask your Maryland movers. Relocating on your own will be a difficult and tiring process. From packing to unloading the truck to the actual move itself. Plus you may be risking an injury. It’s best to hire a reliable and professional moving company. We at movers Southern Maryland have compiled a handy list of 10 frequently asked questions.

10 Essential Questions To Ask Your Maryland Movers

No matter the type of your move, whether local or long-distance, you should always do a background check on your moving company. But especially if you need cross-country movers Maryland. Here’s everything a good moving company would be able to answer with ease.
a woman asking questions
Make sure your moving company has a valid license.

1. Are you FMCSA certified?

Make sure you’re working with a certified and insured moving company to protect yourself from scams. Moving companies should be FMCSA-certified if they’re going to be considered trustworthy. For both consumers and businesses, this government agency ensures safe standards for vehicle operations. You should be able to verify the License ID number and U.S. DOT number of any licensed and insured moving firm.

2. What sort of liability insurance do you provide?

However, it is not always true that a moving company is completely insured and licensed. Liability insurance for movers should be investigated. Most individuals don’t think about this until something goes wrong with their belongings during a move.
  • Released Value Protection is the most typical coverage value for moving businesses; it is responsible for $0.60 per pound. As a result, regardless of how much an item is worth if it is damaged the corporation will pay the weight of the damaged item multiplied by $0.60 as compensation.
  • Full Worth Protection (VFP) is an additional option that covers the current market value of your items in the event of a loss. Ensure that you read the small print to confirm that your belongings are completely covered and insured, and know what to anticipate in the event of a claim.

3. Where can I read some of your references?

Check out internet reviews to discover what others have to say about your moving business instead of relying just on their own marketing hype. You may get a lot of information about a moving business via word of mouth, but you can also get a lot of information about a moving company from internet reviews. When looking for a moving company, go beyond the company’s website for client testimonials. You may get customer reviews and ratings on Yelp and Google by doing a simple search of the company’s name. There can never be a moving business with just positive feedback. So look for the negatives as well.
a woman wondering what questions to ask your Maryland movers
This is one of the most important questions to ask your Maryland movers.

4. What kind of estimates can you provide?

Verify that the moving company you choose has written estimates that you can rely on. Asking about the moving costs right away is one of the most important questions to ask your Maryland movers since it indicates that the price won’t go up after you obtain an estimate, which is a good thing. A phone call isn’t enough; you need written quotations. You’ll know precisely what you’re getting yourself into if you sign a contract with your movers and packers. Price estimates offered over the phone or online in Maryland are actually illegal in the state of Maryland. They can only give you an estimate after a full in-home inspection of your items. Request a free estimate from your residential movers MD. Free estimates and quotations are offered by most respectable organizations to avoid unpleasant surprises in terms of money and time.

5. Do you offer all the services I am looking for?

Inquire about the company’s other services. As part of their moving package, interstate movers Maryland provide services such as box-packing, donating or discarding unwanted things, and providing storage.  Not to mention the time you’ll spend unpacking once you’ve moved in, which is likely to take many days or weeks. Always check what services are included in their full-moving package and if you would need an additional service.

6. How long have you been in the moving industry?

The fact that someone has been in the industry for longer does not automatically imply superiority, but rather that their team has more experience. It is common for long-established moving businesses to have an advantage over their competition. Companies that have been around for a long time have built up a solid customer base. So you can see a few references and testimonials and consider them before making a final choice.

7. Do you have any special offers?

Moving companies will often have some special offers and discounts for veterans, retirees, or students. They may also have given you a better deal if you use a few of their services. So take a look at what you need and you may be able to get a deal on an additional service.

8.  Do you have any additional charges I should know about?

Always check if they have some additional charges. For example, some companies will charge you more if there are multiple flights of stairs in your apartment building. Or if the weather is bad on your moving day. You need to know these things before you hire them. 

9. Do you have packing materials available?

Oftentimes even if you don’t use their packing services, your company could offer you packaging materials at a discounted price. Some companies will even give them for free. 

movers delivering packaging materials
Most likely, your moving company will have some packing materials to give you.

10. Do you have a cancellation policy?

In case you need to reschedule or cancel your services, what amount will you pay? Will that count as an additional charge? How long in advance do you have to call in about rescheduling? These are all questions to ask your Maryland movers. Make sure to get this information as soon as possible.