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All you need to know about living in Waldorf MD

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Waldorf is a medium-sized city in Charles County, Maryland. It is one of the places that has been growing ever since incorporated. With more than 80 000 residents, this city mostly attracts married couples with children, and according to statistics, in the last 3 years, Waldorf gained more than 5000 residents. Although you might know some basics of living in Waldorf, Maryland movers are here to lead you in on all you need to know about living in Waldorf MD! This guide will give you an insight into all advantages and disadvantages of this Maryland city!

Waldorf is a very diverse suburb with a high-education percentage

The first thing on the “all you need to know about living in Waldorf MD” list is its racial diversity. Waldorf is 79th Maryland’s most diverse city. Most of its residents are African American (circa 61%), White Americans make up 22%, Hispanic 8% of two or more races make up 5%, Asian 3%, American Indian or Alaska Native are 1% of the population, Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander make up 1% and other races make up less than 1%. Regarding education, only 6% of residents have less than a high school diploma. About 20% only have a high school diploma, and the rest of the residents either have a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, or doctorate. More precisely, 18% have Bachelor’s degree, 14% Master’s degree or higher, and 34% have a college or associate’s degree.

A persons pocket full of credit cards
Residents of Waldorf have an average household income almost twice as high as the average income in America.

Very affordable housing in Waldorf MD

Unlike many USA cities, Waldorf has affordable housing prices. Although Waldorf is only 20 miles from Washington D.C, it has a wealthy real estate market full of great housing opportunities. Most opportunities are homes, and apartments are rare to find. Although prices depend due to few factors, an average 3bed 1bath 1,360sqft 4sqf lot usually costs between 250k-300k. Bigger houses with 3bed 2.5bath 1,696sqft 8,750sqft lots usually cost between 450 and 500k. Overall, finding affordable housing in Waldorf is not a problem, especially since 35% of Waldorf residents rent out their homes. If you are looking for affordable and developed suburbs, hiring moving companies Waldorf MD and moving here would be a smart move!

High household and personal income- what you need to know about living in Waldorf MD

Waldorf is one of the places with significantly high household and personal income. The household median income is $101,733, while the national average is $64,994, which is almost twice higher. The median individual income is $50,651, while the national average is $32,197. Unsurprisingly, circa 66% of household earn between 75 and 150k yearly. Moreover, 65% of individuals earn between 35k and 65k per year. The unemployment rate in Waldorf is also pretty low- circa 3.7%, which is way lower than the national average. When it comes to employment, the greatest number of residents work in the following industries:

  1. Construction industry
  2. Manufacturing sector
  3. Financial & insurance services
  4. Wholesale & retail services
  5. Public administration
  6. Transportation, warehousing & utilities
  7. Education, health & social services
Neighboorhod in Waldorf, MD
Real estate properties in Waldorf are really affordable and usually range between 250k and 450k.

All you need to know about living in Waldorf MD-strong educational system

Waldorf has many elementary, middle, and high schools, with the best of them being:

  • North Point High School
  • La Plata High School
  • Dr James Craik Elementary School
  • Malcolm Elementary School
  • Theodore G. Davis Middle School
  • Robert D. Stethem Educational Center
  • Mary Matula Elementary School
  • C. Paul Barnhart Elementary School
  • William B. Wade Elementary School

All of the schools in this district are part of the Charles County Public Schools.

Although there are no colleges in Waldorf, there are several colleges within 25 miles: College of Southern Maryland, DeVry University Virginia, Maple Springs Baptist Bible College and Seminary, Chamberlain College of Nursing Virginia, Corcoran College of Art and Design, Prince George’s Community College, Gallaudet University, etc. A good and efficient education system is important for families with kids moving to Waldorf via interstate movers Maryland.

A generally safe neighborhood for families

Most residents describe Waldorf MD, as a safe neighborhood perfect for families with or without kids. It’s a safe area, with most crimes being non-violent ones, such as theft. The neighborhoods are generally safe and patrolled regularly to keep safety at the maximum. Police and firefighter time response is usually very fast. Due to the city’s growth, the crime rate has risen a bit. This town does not have much to offer for those looking for “crazy” nightlife. Most bars and cafes are full of locals during the day, and there are rarely activities that would interest college kids and younger adults. Instead, there are many parks and recreational centers for people who enjoy an active life.

A traffic jam
Traffic jams are a fairly common occurrence.

Bad traffic is an issue in Waldorf MD

One of the disadvantages of living in Waldorf, MD is relatively and traffic. This is something to think about before deciding on hiring Maryland moving services, and officially moving to Waldorf. Since Waldorf is quite close to Washington, D.C., many people commute to work every day, either to the city center or neighboring towns. The most commonly used roads are U.S. Route 301 and Maryland Route 5. Due to the high number of car drivers in Waldorf, there are constant traffic jams, which are especially bad from 9-10 AM, and 5-6 PM. This problem is common in almost every neighboring city, but residents of Waldorf also report animals constantly jumping onto the roads, which makes driving even more dangerous.

All you need to know about living in Waldorf MD

All in all, Waldorf is a pretty nice suburb to live in. It’s generally safe, racially diverse, and with higher income than the neighboring areas. It is a growing town that’s great for those seeking better work and school opportunities or those looking to settle down and have a family. When it comes to affordability, Walford is pretty affordable, especially in the real estate market, where the prices are 2 or 3 times lower than in similar towns. If this “all you need to know about living in Waldorf MD” caught your attention, giving Waldorf a shot might be a good idea!