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Best places in Maryland for seniors

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Maryland is a state with a large senior population. And that is no wonder, as it is a country with numerous medical institutions. Seniors are using the services of Maryland moving companies to move in here. Being close to advanced medical institutions gives them a sense of safety. Also, the country has numerous outdoor activities created for seniors. That way, they can stay active, which benefits their health. Additionally, spending quality time socializing with people their age keeps them occupied and helps them maintain good mental health. However, the high tax rates are not making citizens’ lives easy. Living as a retiree in MD is not so simple. However, we have prepared a list of the best places in Maryland for seniors, as living in some places is more affordable and overall better.

Are you looking for the best place to retire in Maryland?

If so, you are probably already aware that living in Maryland is not so cheap. However, like in any other country, some cities are more or less expensive. So, depending on your savings and pension fund, you can choose the best place for you. The good news is that you will find senior communities wherever you decide to move to.

Maryland’s population is constantly growing. By estimation made in 2022, it presently has over 6 million residents. The median age is 38.8, and about 15.4 % of citizens are over 65. If you are considering moving to Maryland, you can count on affordable and reliable moving companies St Charles to help you.

Two men on the sandy beach discussing the best places in Maryland for seniors.
Many elderly citizens are looking for the best places in Maryland for seniors.

What climate should you expect after moving to Maryland?

Many are calling Maryland’s climate called humid-sub-tropical. The summers in the country are hot and humid. However, the winters are less cold than in the northeast. And during the spring and fall, temperatures are pleasant. Maryland has picturesque landscapes and many places for outdoor activities. With such a climate, you can spend much time in nature. 

Real estate is essential when you are looking for the best places in Maryland for seniors

Maryland is one of the US wealthiest states. The median household income is $84,800. And the median home prices in September 2022 were about $378,500. And, in some places, such as Annapolis, the asking prices exceed $500,000. Besides, the tax burden in the country is relatively high. All this makes Maryland the 8th US state with high costs of living. 

However, there are some retirement tax exemptions. And they help seniors to cope with high prices. Also, the state doesn’t tax social security. 

Some seniors like to stay active even after retirement

Some seniors, being in good health conditions, decide to continue working. For example, you might be operating a small pottery shop. Or, you want to turn it into a pottery workshop. That way, you will continue enjoying your hobby. And moreover, you will attract people who have the same interests. In addition to earning, this will allow you to socialize with many people. And you make new friends.

In case you already have a workshop and want to move it to Maryland, it is enough to give a call to logistic companies Maryland.

People Doing Pottery Together.
Meet new friends through different activities, such as a pottery workshop.

Best places for seniors in Maryland

We considered several factors to identify the best places in Maryland for seniors. First, we checked the real estate market in each place. Also, we paid attention to the city’s tax burden. Besides, for each city, we checked the availability of:

  • medical centers
  • recreational centers for seniors
  • retirement communities

So, that way, we’ve made our list of the best places for seniors in Maryland. You might find our proposals appealing. Or, you may already have some friends or family members living in the state. In such a case, you will probably decide to join them. In any case, we hope that you will have joy in your new city.

One of the best places for seniors in Maryland is Lusby

Many seniors consider Lusby a nice living place. The town has a population of 2,180 and median home prices of $270,000. Compared to real estate in other parts of the country, this is very affordable. And it is no wonder that 83% of residents own their property. Located in Calvert County, Lusby offers its residents a suburban feel. It is a quiet and safe place to live, with many lovely parks. So, no wonder many seniors are looking for the assistance of Lusby MD movers to relocate there.

Laurel could be one of the good places to live in Maryland

This is a city with many seniors and young families. It has around 25,000 residents. Buying a property in this Washington D.C. suburb will cost you $281,500. The place is known for the first public library, the national bank. Still, what most attracts seniors to move to Laurel are its numerous parks and the overall safety of the place. Not less important are good health institutions. 

Three Elderly People Taking Group Selfie.
Living in Maryland, you will easily find other seniors and spend good quality time with them.

Bel Air is another Maryland place that seniors like

This Baltimore suburb has about 10,100 residents. And buying real estate will cost you $256,400. In Bel Air, 62% of residents own their property. Living here, you will have easy access to Baltimore, and still, you can enjoy a quiet and laid-back lifestyle. 

Also, if you decide to downsize and keep some of your property, you can easily accommodate your surplus items. It will be enough to give a call to moving experts that’ll provide you with a safe Maryland warehouse. The facility is secure, with affordable rates. And your items will be kept at the designated place, packed in wooden crates.

The other towns in Maryland that you can find as good places to move to

As you can see, although Maryland is considered an expensive place to live, it still has many affordable places. Besides the already mentioned ones, we would recommend you:

  • St Charles MD
  • Cumberland
  • Hagerstown
  • Salisbury
  • Ocean City
  • Rockville
  • Silver Spring

Living in Maryland

Moving to Maryland, you’ll be happy to know that the state is giving grants to senior citizens. Actually, after you choose among the best places in Maryland for seniors, you should check this possibility. Mostly, the state will offer you housing and rental assistance. Besides that, you may also find out that you are qualified for utility assistance or health assistance.