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How to keep your storage unit organized at all time

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Storage units are becoming more and more popular. This is the case both when it comes to moves as well as everyday life. But in order to take full advantage of your storage space you should learn how to keep your storage unit organized at all times! Using storage for decluttering your home or office has become so popular that many reputable Maryland movers have added this service to their list of moving solutions. Let’s discuss how to approach storage renting to get the most out of it.

Carefully pick your storage!

In order to keep your storage unit organized at all times, you will first need to take some measures. The most important one is to find a storage option that fits your needs. And how can you do that? Well, it’s quite easy actually. All you need to do is answer some questions, and no matter what your answers are we are sure that storage Waldorf MD, can take care of your needs. Start by asking yourself “why do I need a storage unit?” People over the years have started using storage for a magnitude of different reasons. Storage when moving, a place to keep items they don’t have room for at home, and in some cases even an office or business storage.

Workers in a storage
There are different kinds of units you can choose from. So make sure you pick the best option for your items.

The next question should be “what will I keep inside?” Some items for example books are sensitive to their surroundings. And as such, they will need a special kind of storage. The last question should be “what size of storage do I need?” This is something based on the size and amount of items that will be placed inside of it. With all of this answered it’s time to learn how to use the space you picked out efficiently.

Make an inventory list

In cases when you have a lot of items to place in your storage, it can become challenging to memorize all of them. Although big furniture, for example, a bed or sofa, is easy to recall, some smaller objects (for example paintings, pictures, electronics, or even clothes) are frequently overlooked after months (or sometimes even years) in storage. To maintain everything in perfect order, you should make a list of items that are in the unit. When you start the packing process for the unit, take out some paper and a pen. Take note of every single thing no matter how big or small.

In some cases, you can even go as far as taking photos as it is also a fantastic way to keep up with what’s in your unit. If you want to go a step further you can also create some sort of map displaying where your items are found inside the unit. If you decide to use help from the packing service Maryland residents recommend, at least make sure that you have everything recorded on paper.

Keep your storage unit organized at all times by making an inventory
An inventory list will make it a lot easier to keep your storage unit organized at all times.

Consider using clear bins

We are not saying that cardboard boxes are bad! They are fully okay to use in a unit. They are also a lot less expensive and easy to find than plastic containers. Nevertheless, plastic containers make it considerably easier to maintain track of what’s inside! With just that they become worth their slightly bigger price. When placing something inside the Maryland warehouse it is best to do it properly.

Unlike unclear cardboard containers, clear plastic ones make it doable to see what’s inside of them without having to search through them. Making it so much easier to locate your belonging when you need them. Also in some cases, cardboard boxes can deteriorate while being used over a period of time. On the other hand, plastic containers can always be washed and reused. And there are different companies you can choose from.

Place items you will need in the front

It is quite likely that there are some things you plan on using more often than others. For example, that spare mattress you no longer have space for probably won’t be needed any time soon. On the other hand, your Christmas decoration probably will. Other objects that you will certainly need more frequently are seasonal clothes for example weighty coats, boots, caps, flip-flops, or even swimsuits. It is quite obvious that even these are items you don’t need every day.

A man taking a box home
Labels and good positioning will make finding things a lot easier.

But you will come to your unit at least once or twice a year. And having to look through everything won’t be fun. So the best thing you can do is pack them in well-labeled containers and place them in the front. For example, just putting them next to the door of the unit will save you a lot of time. This way you can keep your storage unit organized at all times and will have easy access to your things.

Heavy items should always go down

It doesn’t matter what type of storage, or how large it is. Whatever storage units you pick, even if it’s one of the mobile storage units Southern Maryland movers recommended make sure that heavy items are always placed on the bottom! As you start placing items and containers inside the storage unit, you should begin with big, heavy items (furniture and heavy containers). Position them in the rear of the unit on the floor or lowest shelf. Don’t forget that! Unless you want to destroy smaller or more delicate packages. Heavier things should always be placed on the base of the storage unit. This makes a sturdy base for lighter objects.


No matter how you look at it you need to keep your storage unit organized at all times! This way you will be able to access your items freely, won’t worry that something is lost, and will be able to send someone else(for example a spouse) to find something in your place without any worries.