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How to pack Christmas decorations for a move

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If moving is considered to be the most stressful time, moving before or during the holidays is even harder. You need to think about so many things at the same time. To start, you need to think about having enough time to relocate, unpack, and organize everything for the upcoming holiday. And the other thing is how to pack Christmas decorations for a move without causing any damage to them. You will be under a lot of pressure, especially if you are moving with kids. They can be hard to take care of when all of this is happening. But, like with any other problem, there is a solution. By hiring some of the best movers Southern Maryland has, you will not have to worry about getting to your final destination.Check out this guide to learn more.

It is time to pack Christmas decorations for a move!

Since you know you need to hire professional movers, you should know how to get ready before they come. You will need to determine whether you will use the packing service Maryland offers or if you’ll pack on your own. No matter which choice you make, packing Christmas decorations needs to be done properly. And maybe you should consider hiring professionals for this part of the relocation process. This way you will avoid getting items damaged. And it will save you a lot of your time. But, as we have said, there are things you can do on your own.

ornaments you should pack when you pack Christmas decoration for a move
Pay extra attention to fragile items.

Should every piece of decoration be packed in a specific way?

This is the most common question people have. You would think that Christmas decorations could be packed in one box. After labeling the box, you’re simply done. The hard truth is, that’s not the case. Each piece of decoration you have needs to be packed in a proper way and in proper moving and packing supplies. And it does not matter if you are bringing those items along or you will place them in one of the best storage Waldorf MD has. The packing should be done properly, no matter where those decorations end up.

How to pack a Christmas tree?

The best way to pack this main Christmas decoration is in its original box. However, most of us have a tree from ages ago, meaning most of us got rid of that box. So, if you are in this group of people there are two solutions for you. The first one is to go to the hardware store and get a custom-made box.

The other solution is to properly wrap it in some plastic material and make sure it is firm. You will be able to fold it so that it takes up less space than usual. This way you will avoid getting the tree damaged. There is no need for labeling the box if you get only one. If you have plenty of boxes for decorations, label them so that both your residential movers MD and you know where everything is.

Additional tip

Do not throw away this box. You never know when you will need it again. If you lack space, there is always someone in need of this type of box. So give it to them.

Ornaments on Christmas tree
Use the original boxes of the decorations.

Ornaments – how to pack them properly?

Plenty of ornaments that we have are made of glass or any other fragile materials. That is why it is very important to pack them right. The first piece of advice you will get is to pack every ornament in a different box. You can even make these boxes on your own. Use the carton box of eggs you have lying around. This is a firm material that will keep the ornament secure. Do not under any circumstance pack two or more ornaments in the same box without protecting each of them.

So, if you have one box that you can use to pack ornaments, do it next. Use towels or any other clothing you have around the house and make sure you wrap the ornament. And do not overload the boxes. If there is space left in the box, use extra clothes or towels to fill up the space. And do not forget to label this box. By writing the word “fragile” on these boxes, inform the cross country movers Maryland has to pay extra attention when placing these boxes into the moving truck. This way of packing will also save you a lot of space and waste money on other packing materials. You will not need some extra boxes for clothing. They will already be packed.

Pay attention to lights when you pack Christmas decorations for a move

Lights are pretty easy to pack. When you pack them, make sure that you roll them around a storage reel or anything that will have a similar effect. If you do not pack them up properly, you risk damaging the lights, and if you are moving right before the holidays, you might not be able to get the new ones.

Other Christmas decorations

Socks, small decorations like tiny Santa Clause figurines, candles, and candy canes, all need to be packed as well. Use their original boxes for the best results. If you do not have them, divide these items into two groups – ordinary and fragile. Pack the items that are not fragile in the same box to save space. However, you need to pack the fragile ones just like your nicest ornaments, making sure they’re padded and secured properly.

candles as decoration
Carefully pack candles when you decide to pack Christmas decorations for a move.

We are sure that you will take great care when you pack Christmas decorations for a move. If you are moving before the holidays, you will likely relocate every piece of decoration you have with you. It will help you feel cozier and happier in your new home with the ornaments and decorations you like. Make sure you get the packing materials on time and organize properly for the best results. Merry Christmas everyone!