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How to prepare your items for long distance shipping?

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Long-distance relocations were always complicated. Especially when you must pack and ship valuable furniture. Yes, reliable moving and storage companies in Maryland can help quite a bit. However, there are several tasks you must do as well if you want to ensure a safe transition. So, let us explain how to prepare your items for long distance shipping and how to prepare for moving in general. After we are done you will be ready to tackle the entire process like a pro. Let’s dive right in.

The safest way to prepare your items for long distance shipping

The safest way to prepare your items is to inspect everything and create a moving plan as soon as you find out about the moving date. If you do so, you will know how complex it is and how much time and money you must invest to ship your items safely. So, start by inspecting the environment to make sure it is safe for packing and moving. Then, note down all the items you intend on packing and shipping. Then, figure out where to begin with packing and how many packing materials you’ll need for it. And finally, add to your list all the moving-related responsibilities you must cover before your movers arrive.

interior design
Cover the slippery corridors and steep staircases to ensure it is safe to move.

Once you have all the basic info on paper, call your Maryland international movers and they will assist you further. They do need the info you have gathered and once they have it, they will provide you with the most affordable and the safest way of shipping items long distance. Now, let’s explain how each step should be completed.

Movers can help you prepare your items for long distance shipping

Movers can make the entire process much easier and more efficient. And like most of us, you probably have a bunch of hard-to-handle items in your possession. Your long distance moving companies Maryland will take care of all of it. Not only that they will transport your items and do the hard labor instead of you. But they can pack you completely, assemble and disassemble furniture, and provide quite a few lucrative services. They will even help you prepare your things for long distance shipping, as we have explained earlier. Simply by advising on how to do it and which packing supplies to purchase. Although, if you want them to pack you completely, you’ll have to purchase the packing service. All in all, having movers by your side while preparing will help you do it right.

Obtain a moving and shipping quote

You must obtain the moving quote first if you want to adequately prepare your items for long distance shipping. And this is another moving step where your cross country movers Maryland come into play. You can’t start preparing and packing if you do not know how much it will cost and which services are required. Your movers will provide these quotes via chat, over the phone, or by visiting your home. You decide what is the most convenient way for you. But make sure to do it as soon as you decide on moving. Once your movers evaluate the situation, weigh your cargo, and provide the moving plan, you’ll know how hard it is and how much you invest. But most importantly, you’ll know what must be done to prepare your items for moving and shipping.

a man counting money
Let your movers evaluate your cargo and provide a moving quote. You will handle the budget moving forward.

Preparations for the shipping and moving

After you have obtained all the relevant info and covered all legalities, it is time to prepare your items. The first step is to obtain an adequate set of packing materials. For most of the items, you’ll use cardboard boxes and plastic bins. Also, you can use wooden crates and metal containers for specific items that must be crated in slatted wooden boxes to avoid damage. As for the rest of the materials, you will need the following:

  • Adhesive tape and packing paper.
  • Bubble wrap and stretch foil.
  • Labels and markers.
  • Covers, foam protectors, corner pads, and dividers.

These are the cheaper versions, but you can always invest a bit more in packing peanuts and Styrofoam. The variety is there, but it depends on how much money you must invest in the packing process. We suggest using a healthy combination of the two and protecting your items properly. This also depends on the distance your cargo will travel and it’s content. If you have too many fragile items, invest more and protect them. If not, use regular packing materials and you’ll be just fine.

How you pack your items for shipping is extremely important

Now, with all the knowledge and adequate packing materials, you should be ready to pack your items for shipping. Yes, your moving company will advise on the parameters you must follow that are set by either the company or the moving industry. There are laws and regulations tied to shipping and moving in general. So, you better consult with your shipper on which items are prohibited and what the package must look like. That being said, let us move on to the packing. You will start by preparing the most fragile items first.

a person taping up a moving box to show you how to prepare your items for long distance shipping
The packing process is the very beginning of good package handling.

In most cases, the kitchen is the place you want to begin with. Take all the fragile content and pack it in stronger carton boxes. Each box should have a cushion on the bottom comprised of blankets, sheets, or bubble wrap. Use blister packs to wrap all items and the packing paper to crumple them and create a buffer between items. You can pack the rest of your household items in the same fashion. Just do not spend the higher packing materials on something that can be packed inside a suitcase or in a duffel bag. As for the furniture, wrap them in bubble wrap and crate them if necessary.

Consider purchasing a moving insurance

In the end, if you possess highly valuable furniture and you think that the entire process is not safe enough, you should consider moving insurance. You can purchase one from your moving company or from the insurance company. It only depends on what kind of coverage you want. Nevertheless, having any coverage is better than having none. And if you obtain one, you’ll be sure that you will be compensated in case of moving mishaps. All in all, it is a good way to protect your investment, belongings, and your family.

Final words

Now you know how to prepare your items for long distance shipping. It is nothing complicated if you have a well-thought-out plan. Do not rush into it but make sure to evaluate the situation, inspect your furniture, and prepare an adequate budget. But most importantly, make sure you are working with a reputable moving and shipping company.