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Lifestyle differences between neighborhoods in Maryland

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The state of Maryland attracts countless tourists and new residents annually. Because of that, it is one of the places you should visit at least once in your lifetime. On the other hand, if you plan on moving there, that is something completely different. You will have to learn and compare a lot of places until you find the perfect one. Since statistics play a huge role when moving and looking for a new home, you should rely on some trustworthy sources. To help you in your search, here are some lifestyle differences between neighborhoods in Maryland, and how can they affect your life!

Introducing Maryland!

We should begin by saying that Maryland is home to more than 6.165 million people. It is divided into 23 counties with 157 municipalities where cities and towns of the state are located. To explore it means getting ready to see some of the most beautiful landscapes in the USA and getting to know lovely people all around. Its capital is Annapolis, which is at the same time a huge business center and one of the favorite spots for students and freelancers. Thanks to the moving companies South Maryland offers, you will be able to get to a new location quickly, but be ready to spare some time looking for one. Maryland is filled with places that are suitable for living and each one of them deserves some attention.

colorful park
Maryland is known for beautiful hiking trails, parks, and countless outdoor activities

With so many options to choose from, all you need to do is set your priorities straight. You must know what are your plans for the future, you must include your job, and of course your social life. One of the great methods you can rely on from the start is to simply go with comparison. Apart from comparing different neighborhoods, you should also compare them to your current home. As a result, you will narrow down all the options, and end up choosing perfectly. 

The most notable neighborhoods in Maryland

The next thing you should do is write down a list of neighborhoods you will compare. This highly depends on the things you are looking for. Luckily, thanks to many statistics and experiences of people who recently moved, there are some of them you can use right away. They have a lot of traits that are suitable for many things and provide good living conditions in general. With enough time to do the research and the right Maryland moving services, the relocation process will be much easier than you thought. So, the ones you should consider when comparing lifestyle differences between neighborhoods in Maryland are:

  • Largo
  • St Charles
  • Laurel
  • Clinton
  • Odenton

What to focus on when comparing lifestyle differences between neighborhoods in Maryland?

Comparing the beauty of these places isn’t what you should focus on, you will have to dig much deeper than that. The good news is that as long as the things you come across will benefit you, you will be pretty fine. The most important things you must focus on include living costs, communities, the crime rate, and more. The more traits the place has, the chances are higher it will be suitable for you. Even if it turns out that some things are opposite from what are you looking for, these can be balanced successfully.

back to school sign to signify that education is one of the lifestyle differences between neighborhoods in Maryland
Before you schedule your relocation make sure to check out the schools it has to offer

We begin with breathtaking Largo

With a population of 11,633 Largo is a census-designated place in Upper Marlboro. In recent years it became a favorite spot for young people, mainly because it is a nice place to relax after a long and hard-working day. Those who spend a lot of time in their homes or office, looking at their computers will need a nice place to rest their body and mind. But apart from that, Largo has other qualities that make it perfect for living. The living costs in this place are rated 119/100 which is just a little bit above the average. This is mainly because of the housing costs going up to 120/100.

Unlike some other neighborhoods that are more business-orientated, Largo is focused on education. It is home to a couple of excellent schools, the University of Maryland Global Campus, and Prince George’s Community College. If you plan on moving with your kids, you will find Largo to be excellent for their childhood but their future as well. 

Living and working in Largo will be interesting as this place offers some high-quality entertainment. Upon arriving you can check out its amusement parks and attractions, just like a lot of people from neighboring cities do. This will be a great chance to meet new people and let the residents of Largo help you adapt. Moving companies Largo will get you there in no time, so don’t worry about not having time to see everything as soon as your relocation is over.

person putting money in the piggy bank representing the lifestyle differences between neighborhoods in Maryland based on prices
Learning more about the living costs will help you adapt much faster and protect your budget

St. Charles’s lifestyle differences

This planned community counts 33,379 residents and it is located in Charles County. You probably had a chance to hear about it before, as it is one of the places tourists love. This is the case with the entire county due to its natural spots perfect for paddling, hiking, and having a picnic. St. Charles and its residents are also proud of the city’s architecture, especially in the center of the community. You will come across beautiful homes in different sizes and the price is everything but expensive. Compared to bigger cities in Maryland, buying a property in St. Charles is not impossible at all.

Unlike Largo, St. Charles is a little bit less expensive. Its living costs are rated 115.4/100 with health costs being the lowest. Once moving companies St Charles carry out your relocation, you will immediately see the difference in prices. Groceries are very affordable as this place is fully supported by its residents. Locals love small businesses and you will come across many family-owned shops, workshops, and restaurants that offer amazing things for a good price. 

Those who are a fan of snow and long winters will find St. Charles to be perfect. There is a lot of snow in this place, especially from the end of December and the middle of February. Some winters even last longer and ski trails in St. Charles are filled with people from all around the state. Be careful to find a good time for moving though. the last thing you need is to drive through the snow storm on the way to your new home.

people skiing
Among other lifestyle differences between neighborhoods in Maryland, don’t ignore the things they have to offer when the winter comes

Let’s not forget about Laurel

Next, on the road of comparing the lifestyle differences between neighborhoods in Maryland, we have Laurel. The perfect spot for all history lovers and people who wish to experience Maryland differently. This city remembers a lot of historical moments important not only for Maryland but the entire USA. There you will find the site of the first public library, first school, first high school, and even the first bank. The majority of the residents have lived there their entire life, but in recent years Laurel is seeing some crucial changes. Thanks to its position and being so close to Bowie, a lot of freelancers and social media technicians decide to move there.

When it comes to living conditions in Laurel, you will find it more than suitable. This city is not only surrounded by lovely nature spots but is also one of the most affordable in the entire area. Living costs are going to 122.2/100  mainly because of the housing. The buildings and homes there are modern but old in roots and living there really is an experience of a lifetime.

Before you choose one of the moving companies Laurel MD to deal with your items, you can try to pay it a short visit. This will be a great chance to see some things firsthand and even have a nice chat with your future neighbors. They can help you understand the area better and help you adapt much faster. 

By comparing lifestyle differences between neighborhoods in Maryland we must include Clinton

Clinton is another census-designated place in Maryland that has a population of 37,765 people. Mostly known for its role in the Civil War, Clinton is often a must-see place for everyone who decided to take a road trip across Maryland. Even though it has a lot of restaurants, bars, and attractions, Clinton is mostly famous for its parks. Almost at every corner, you will come across a nice hiking trail, a beautiful park to take a nice afternoon walk to, and many other green areas. So, if you will be moving with your kids or simply want to spend more time outside, consider moving to Clinton.

The good news is that living costs in Clinton are pretty much the same as those in Laurel. However, you will find utilities to be the least expensive in Clinton. After moving, you may feel a huge difference once your bills start arriving. This will be suitable especially if you currently live in a big city where prices are skyrocketing. With more affordable utilities you can focus on your budget on some other things and settle in this wonderful place.

people at a bar
While some neighborhoods are focused more on the education other have more fun things to offer

Another reason why Clinton may be good for you is the variety of schools it offers. A couple of elementary schools located there are pretty high on the list of some of the best schools in the entire state. They say that moving while kids are still young is the best option so why not use it? Schools in Clinton will be there to support their transition and will help them adapt much faster. So, if you think this sounds good to you, looking for moving companies Clinton MD should be your next step.

And finally, there is Odenton

On the road of comparing lifestyle differences between neighborhoods in Maryland, you can include Odenton as well. Back in 2019, Odenton welcomed 1.7% more residents than the previous year and the majority of them were below the age of 40. This is giving the city a new look and Odenton seems to be growing since then. Odenton is home to 42,258 people and a lot of them moved from next-door cities. It is located just 19 miles from Baltimore which means you will be super close to it. But, no matter your age and profession, this city has too many traits to not consider it. 

The first thing you may notice about this city is the architectural style. Houses in Odenton are absolutely beautiful and the majority of them have gardens and garages. Housing is rated 128.5/100 meaning chances are super high that you will find a dream home there. Before you turn to the moving companies Odenton MD, you should check out the real estate market. Agents in Odenton will help you find a nice and affordable home way before you schedule your relocation.

Yes, you will have a lot of snowy days during winter in Odenton as well. But when the summer comes, get ready for fun! Odenton city organizes all kinds of summer activities and festivals and the public pool is opened as soon as the temperature rises. And if you manage to hit the perfect timing, you can celebrate your arrival at one of these places. You will not lack fun in winter too. Just let your community show you their favorite spots for skiing outside the city.

key in the lock representing housing costs which impact the lifestyle differences between neighborhoods in Maryland
Lifestyle differences between neighborhoods in Maryland mainly focus on housing costs

In conclusion

And just like that, you have all the information you need to begin your search. There may be a lot of lifestyle differences between neighborhoods in Maryland, but the place you are looking for must be perfect. The state of Maryland is filled with lovely cities, towns, and locations and all it takes is a little bit of your time to reach all of them. Once you have the perfect candidate you can begin to plan your relocation. Take it slowly and always have professional movers by your side to help you out.