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Moving During Peak Season – Plan the Perfect Move at the Perfect Time

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Moving is a stressful endeavor.


Jessica Ryan May 21, 2020 Moving Industry News & Publications

Plan your perfect move
When you think about it, peak moving season is “peak” because it is the perfect time for moving and a great number of people want to avail of its benefits. This “popularity”, however, results in moving experiences that are quite far from perfect.

If you wish to move during this busy relocation period, you’ll have to overcome challenge after challenge and there can be no guarantees that the process will be smooth and the outcome – favorable. To have a chance of success you need to plan everything well in advance and plan it right.

Here are some proven tips for moving during peak season to help you plan your perfect move against all odds.

When is Peak Moving Season?
More than 75% of all house moves in the U.S. occur between April and September. During these months, the demand for moving services is very high, so this period is referred to as peak moving season.

There is a good reason why so many people choose to move during this particular time of the year – moving in the summer has many clear advantages:

Favorable weather conditions – the nice weather in late spring and summer ensures a higher level of comfort during the relocation process, promises safe and efficient loading, unloading, and driving, and eliminates the risk of accidents due to slippery driveways, icy roads, or frozen hands and feet;
Real estate market opportunities – statistics show that there are much more houses for sale in the spring than in the fall, so people have a greater choice when searching for a new home;
School year – children have just completed a year of their education and the summer break provides a good chance to relocate, find a good new school, and get ready for the next school year; 
College – the academic year starts in late August, so students need to move in the summer too;
Business activity and seasonal work – a lot of people find temporary employment for the summer in other cities and states and need to move closer to their workplaces. Besides, many companies (as well as the military) tend to relocate their employees during the warm months when business activity usually falls into temporary decline;
Newlyweds – it is a fact that the majority of weddings take place in spring and summer, so the newlyweds move to their shared family nest during the high season as well;
Free time – many people take their paid leave from work during the summer which means that there will be more friends and relatives who have the time to help with the move;
Moving sales – when the weather is nice, it is easy to organize a garage sale to get rid of unwanted items before moving.

Moving in off-peak season may not be very pleasant.
Bonus tip: Consider moving in off-peak season

If you have the liberty to choose your moving date and don’t have specific reasons to move during the busy summer months, you can save a lot of money and nerves by moving in off-peak season:

Lower moving costs – most moving companies offer considerable discounts (up to 30%) for moves during the off-peak season to attract more customers;
Greater choice of reliable movers – reputable moving companies are the first to be booked, so you may have to put up with less experienced and less reliable carriers when moving during the high season. When moving between September and April, however, it will be easy to secure the services of a trustworthy and affordable moving company for your relocation;
Convenient dates available – you can reserve pick-up and delivery dates whenever it is most convenient for you because the movers are not so busy and will probably be able to accommodate your demands.
Oftentimes though, the circumstances necessitate that you move in peak season despite the higher costs and tighter schedules. In such cases, be sure to take a closer look at the expert peak moving season tips below – they will help you achieve success despite the greater challenges of the busiest relocation period.


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