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Moving from Shady Side to Clinton – tips and tricks

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If you’re planning a move, you know how stressful the process is. You have to decide where to move, which movers to hire, and organize everything for it to go as stress-free as possible. Moving from Shady Side to Clinton will be much easier if you know what to expect. Knowing the main differences between the two cities will help you settle in with ease. Having reliable movers Southern Maryland offers by your side will also make the process of relocation smoother and much less stressful. Living in Clinton has many advantages and residents only have words of praise for the place. Check out everything you can expect after the move, and enjoy moving with ease!

What to expect when moving from Shady Side to Clinton

Moving to a new city must be exciting, but it’s also very overwhelming for most people. You might worry about being welcomed in the community in your new neighborhood, finding reliable movers Shady Side MD has, and settling in Clinton. Shady Side is a small town in the state of Maryland with just under 6,000 residents. On the other hand, Clinton is a somewhat larger city with a population of 39,318. Here are the main differences you’ll experience after moving to Clinton:

  • lower cost of living
  • better job market
  • more affordable housing
  • more amenities
  • somewhat higher crime rate but still a very safe living environment
woman moving from Shady Side to Clinton
Moving from Shady Side to Clinton will be a fun adventure.

Living in Clinton is more affordable than Shady Side

While Shady Side has a cost of living 32% higher than the US average, and 11% higher than the state average, living in Clinton is slightly cheaper. The city of Clinton has a cost of living that’s just 5% above the state average, which is negligible. Movers Clinton MD residents love usually relocate people locally since they are content with the cost of living compared to some other Maryland cities which are significantly more expensive. If you’re finding that life in Shady Side is becoming too expensive to afford to live comfortably, moving to Clinton is the right decision.

The job market in Clinton is thriving

The reason why so many young professionals choose to move to Clinton is a stable and good job market. The employment opportunities in this city are excellent, so if you’re considering relocating your office or business here with Maryland office movers, you won’t make a mistake. Although the unemployment rate in Clinton is slightly higher than in Shady Side, so is the average income. In fact, the median household income in Clinton is a whopping 85% higher than the national average. That speaks volumes about the employers and job options in this city, as well as explains the job-seekers flocking to this area.

business woman
Clinton has a stable job market, so finding a job after the move shouldn’t be an issue.

Clinton has great big city amenities unlike Shady Side

Shady Side is a small town, so it’s expected that there aren’t too many amenities such as numerous schools, parks, shops, etc. On the other hand, if you choose to move to Clinton and have your belongings brought to you by a delivery service Maryland offers, you will soon see that the city is packed with great amenities. You will have the option to choose from several schools your kids can attend. You will also be able to enjoy weekend picnics in the park or go for a walk or a morning jog. Parks will be a few minutes away, wherever you live in Clinton. There are also many local shops and restaurants, so you don’t have to worry about missing those. The food options in Clinton are great, and you will have plenty of places to visit whether you’re looking for a nice restaurant for an important occasion, or just a regular diner to take your family out when you don’t feel like cooking.

Housing is more affordable in Clinton compared to Shady Side

Another great advantage of moving to Clinton is that the housing prices aren’t crazy high. Although the prices in both places are above the US average, there is a big difference. The median home price in Shady Side is $320,500 while in Clinton it’s $272,500. On the other hand, renting in Clinton is more expensive than in Shady Side. The median rent in the city of Clinton is $1,987 while in Shady Side you have to set aside $1,640 for a one-bedroom apartment on average. Although the prices are still higher than the national average, considering the cost of living and housing in the state of Maryland, it’s safe to say that you can find great deals whether you’re buying or renting in Clinton.

Affording a home of your own is easier in Clinton than in Shady Side.

The crime rates are slightly higher in Clinton, but still lower than the state and national average

When it comes to crime rates, that might be the only thing that it’s not pleasant when moving from Shady Side to Clinton. However, that’s not to say that Clinton isn’t a safe city. On the contrary, the crime rates in Clinton are below the national average. That makes it one of the best cities to live in the state. But, the crime rates are slightly higher than in Shady Side. While Shady Side has crime rates 34% lower than the US average, the crime rates in Clinton are 6% below the national average. But, you won’t have to worry about your safety either way. And we all know how rare that is nowadays.

Hire reliable movers and move from Shady Side to Clinton with ease

Moving will be much easier if you hire a team of movers you can trust. With a dependable moving company and a detailed moving plan, your relocation will fly by. And settling in Clinton after the move will be even easier. Now that you know all the main differences you can expect to experience after moving from Shady Side to Clinton, relocating can be an event you will actually enjoy. Happy relocation!