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Moving Interstate With Kids – The Ultimate Guide

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We all know how stressful the moving day can be for ourselves. There are tons of things to consider, there is a whole packing process and you have to choose between different moving and storage companies in Maryland. Although our young ones don’t have to do the same thing it can still be a tiring process for them as well. We prepared an ultimate guide for you so that the whole ordeal is less difficult for both, you and your kids. When moving interstate with kids there are several factors to account for – keep reading to find out what are some do’s and don’ts.

It’s important to be honest when you are moving interstate with kids

Kids, same as you, need some time to adjust to the new information that will change their lives in some way. Be transparent about the moving process. Start with the reasons why you are moving and be sure to go with the good parts first. When moving interstate with kids you have to keep in mind that it’s normal for everyone, especially young kids to be afraid of changes.¬†Reassure your kids that the change is not necessarily a bad thing. You can offer some examples of a time when you felt unsure about a certain change in your life – and how it turned out to be great for you. Address your child in the right way – if they start panicking and go into tantrums be sure to give them time.

Happy family sitting in front of boxes after moving interstate with kids
Be honest and respectful – your kid will learn to appreciate it

As we mentioned earlier, emphasize positive things such as:

  • perks of your new location (restaurants, amusement parks, parks, playgrounds, school-related facilities)
  • benefits of your new accommodation (room placement, view)
  • advantages of your new neighborhood (activities which your kid can indulge in with kids from your new neighborhood)

In case your kid still feels upset about the move well we guarantee that our next advice will alleviate their pain at least for some time so keep reading.

Bribe them with their favorite things

So, you have tried reasoning but it didn’t work? Well in that case think about what you did the last when something similar happened. What are the things which they like the most? Can you get that special toy that they want or that special treat that they crave for? Interstate movers Maryland advise you to indulge your kid’s desires if you think that it will help. It’s much easier and less stressful both for you and your kid. Don’t feel bad about this – as we mentioned before, this situation can be very difficult for both parties. Your kid may not understand the reasons why you are moving. Maybe your child actually understands everything but just doesn’t want the change to happen – we have all experienced that feeling. Keep things simple and get some candies just in case things go sideways during the moving day.

Make a project out of it – practice teamwork when moving with kids

Relocation interstate with kids can be a good opportunity for your to practice teamwork with your child. It is also a good chance to show your kid the value of a combined effort. Kids love to be a part of something – even if that something is just a moving process. Try to think of a way in which you can include your kid in it. Don’t just pack away your kid’s favorite toys in a box – let them do it. You can allow your kid to choose the right box, we know how obsessed kids can be with boxes so try to exploit that. Movers Waldorf MD know that this is also a good opportunity for you to get rid of some unnecessary things which your kid might hoard. Start by telling your child that moving is a good opportunity for them to re-decorate their room. Ask them to label all the things which they don’t want in their new room and get rid of those things. You will be surprised to see that your kid can actually decide what items they want to keep and which ones they want to get rid of.


a girl is playing in a box
Moving interstate with kids can be fun

Let them decorate their new room

Kids are very creative when they have a chance – use that to your advantage. Start with the boxes – let them draw on boxes and label them in whatever way they want to. If your kid is still baffled by this ask them to draw everything that they put in a box so that they would know what’s inside. This is a good way to keep your kid occupied and it’s a good labeling technique. In case your kid is not a drawing type you might want to use a different strategy. Cross country movers Maryland suggest that the best packing technique is always the one that correlates with the unpacking process. This means that you should pack things according to the place where you will unpack them. Tell your kid this and ask them to imagine what their new room will look like. Ask them to pack the items that they will put in a certain corner of their new room in one box and to separate them from the ones which they will put in another. In this way, they can actually picture their new surrounding and look forward to a change instead of fearing it.

a child is decorating a box
Kids love boxes – let them play with them!

Keep it simple and fun

It is very important to plan your move but try not to overdo it. If you give too many chores to your kid when moving interstate with kids it’s just going to have the opposite effect. Try to balance it out and always run the ideas with your kid focusing on a positive aspect of your moving process. Kids are strange in a way that they fear the change but they also get excited about it at the same time. By keeping things simple and fun your kid will embrace the excitement and your moving day will be super-easy and whimsical.