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Odenton vs Lexington Park: Where should you move?

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Choosing a place to settle is a pretty complex process, as your entire future depends on it. Those who will be moving with their family will feel even more pressure, as they must think about them having a good education and a great quality of life. If we’re considering Maryland, this state is more than suitable for living and working, mainly thanks to its stable economy and low crime rates in particular areas. However, Odenton vs Lexington Park is a more common comparison than you would think. Having some additional information will help you make a better decision. Here is everything you should know!

Odenton vs Lexington Park: Living costs

To a lot of people, living costs are one of the main factors that will determine where they will move. This is even more important if their current home is not as affordable as other places in the area. Your budget will experience some changes during relocation, even though with the help of Maryland movers, you will not have to spend a lot. However, after you move, you will have to adapt to a new lifestyle, and neighborhood, and, with that, different living costs.

woman choosing vegetables
Thanks to many farms in their areas, both places always have a fresh source of goods

Odenton is currently rated 111.0/100 while Lexington Park is at 101.0/100. The difference is not so significant and some costs will remain pretty much the same. Down below is a detailed comparison of the living costs of both places:

  • Groceries: Odenton 103.2/100 vs Lexington Park 106.8/100
  • Housing: Odenton 128.5/100 vs Lexington Park 103.2/100
  • Utilities: Odenton 108.2/100 vs Lexington Park 107.5/100
  • Health: Odenton 83.1/100 vs Lexington Park 81.4/100

And what about the population?

Those who are looking for a place that has more people than Odenton will come out as a winner. This place is home to around 42,258 people while Lexington Park has a population of 12,934. But the numbers don’t make a big difference as both places are popular among the elderly and young professionals. You will find a lot of people moving to Odenton or Lexington Park after retiring or because they work from home and need a more subtle place. Delivery service Maryland will help you transport your equipment if you are moving your business as well.

After the Global Pandemic, both places welcomed a certain number of old residents who decided to move back. It is noted that some of them felt much more comfortable back home, while others saw a great opportunity of starting a new business in a familiar area. 

Which place is more suitable for work?

Moving to a certain place because of work is even more tricky as it may seem like you are putting too much risk into the entire thing. Business, however, should be seated in a place that will provide you with enough clients and partners and above all a successful future. Luckily, both Odenton and Lexington Park will treat your business right. Movers Lexington Park operates in the area so if you plan on setting up the headquarters there, they can help you do it.

Odenton is home to a lot of small businesses including workshops and restaurants. Some of these places have a long history and are family-owned. However, according to statistics the biggest employer in this place is KeyImpact Sales and Systems related to marketing and food service.

Lexington Park also has a couple of bigger companies that can provide you with a successful career and a stable income. There, the most notable one is Precise Systems, which has a lot of foreign employees as well. it seems like all you need to do is determine which of these companies is more suitable for your profession. Both places often look for new medical workers, teachers, and construction workers.

park next to the body of water
Lexington Park and Odenton are not too far from each other and you can visit both of them before making a decision

Odenton vs Lexington Park: Things to see and do

Apart from settling in a place that can offer you a nice job and has affordable living costs, it should also have some interesting activities so that you can have some fun. Maryland is famous for having breathtaking nature spots, and Odenton and Lexington Park do not miss that as well. No matter if you want to move alone or with your family, there is something worth mentioning about both places.

Lexington Park, just as its name says, has a couple of beautiful and spacious parks. It also doesn’t lack gardens, hiking trails, and public pools. Those who love history will enjoy Calvert Marine Museum or Patuxent River Naval Air Museum. When days are sunny and warm you can explore the Solomons, check out the lighthouse, and enjoy delicious seafood in the nearby restaurants.

Younger generations will have a lot of things to explore back in Odenton. After your relocation, you can get to know new people at the Skate Zone or get the adrenaline rush at Crofton Go Kart Raceway. You will not lack park and golf courses as well, and these spots will be a perfect location to make new friends and get to know your new neighbors.

How to make a decision?

Sooner or later you will have to make a decision and point your finger at one place. And even though you will be surrounded by a lot of positive things and experiences, you must think of yourself first!

person putting money in the piggy bank
Before making a decision on Odenton vs Lexington Park think about your budget and your needs

It is completely understandable if you spent some time wondering about Odenton vs Lexington Park. Both places have countless traits that make them suitable for living and working and they are just 72 miles apart. The best method is to write down your priorities and things you need to maintain the lifestyle you always wanted. Both Lexington Park and Odenton are beautiful in summer, and you can even pay them a short visit if that will help you decide. Try to find a good job and school for your kids on time so that everything is ready for your arrival.