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Packing a nursery for an interstate move

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As any parent knows, moving with kids is difficult. However, packing a nursery for an interstate move doesn’t have to be so hard. Actually, with the right supplies, planning, and the help of movers Southern Maryland, packing a nursery will be a walk in the park. Keep reading to find out how to pack a nursery for an interstate move with ease.

Make sure to do a good research

It is important to put your research skills to good use for every project you undertake. Because you are not moving alone, you will have a lot of responsibility. The first thing you will need to do is look for Maryland moving services. You will need to look for a team of movers that have been long in business and has a lot of experience. Looking for a reliable team of movers can be difficult, especially if you are moving on a budget. The prices will vary depending on what type of services you need so keep this in mind when researching.

 a person doing research on packing a nursery for an interstate move on their laptop
Do research before packing a nursery for an interstate move.

Packing a nursery for an interstate move will require research as well. It is simple to pack your bags for a vacation. However, packing a nursery for an interstate move is something completely different and you will need to plan in advance since many moving tasks will be more complicated than if you were planning a short-distance move. Also, if you don’t pack the nursery the right way, something could end up getting damaged during transportation and you don’t want this to happen. So to prepare, take a few days to research movers, organize the move, and find the right packing supplies to plan a safe and easy relocation for you and your family.


The next thing you should do after researching is to declutter. Declutter everything before you pack the nursery. There is probably a family in your friend circle or your neighborhood who’d appreciate your baby’s items that are still in good condition. Baby clothes are often worn for a short period of time and then outgrown which means they are most likely not damaged and can be useful for someone else. Additionally, decluttering will make the relocation cheaper as well as save some time and packing supplies. It may take a while to clean and throw everything out, however, it’s worth it. Also, it’s necessary to clean out your home every once in a while, especially before the relocation. So take a look at the toys your kid doesn’t play with anymore and take them to an orphanage or a shelter.

How to pack the nursery for an interstate move

Packing clothes

When you get all the needed packing supplies, it’s time to start packing. Your kids’ things are quite important which means you have to take good care of them. The first thing you should do is get sterile crates and bags. Risking your kids’ things during the relocation is highly discouraged. This is because kids are more prone to disease because of their young immune systems. Make sure to use separate sterile bags for clothing and put them in corresponding boxes. You can avoid contamination by dividing clothes and other things. Also, this way, you will save space when packing clothes.

mom and daughter packing clothes together
Make sure to pack your kids’ clothes in sterile crates and bags!

Packing the essentials

You should make an essentials box for your kid as well as yourself. It should contain items you’ll need handy during your move and right after it. Some of the items are a must, however, others will depend on the needs of your kid. You must pack hygiene equipment, clothes, food, diapers, blankets, and favorite toys. You can also pack a first aid kit just in case. After you are done with the relocation, you can still reuse some of these boxes.

Packing toys

The next thing you need to do is pack your kids’ toys. If you still have the original boxes the toys came with, you can reuse them for the relocation. This way you will avoid damage being done to them during transportation. However, if you don’t have the original boxes, put small pieces like Legos in Ziploc bags so they don’t get lost during transportation. Pack larger toys in plastic bins or moving boxes. If there are any fragile toys, protect them with plastic wrap before you pack them. Also, don’t pack your kids’ favorite toys. Because house relocation is a stressful event, it will be important for them to have them during the process.

wooden toys that you should include when packing a nursery for an interstate move
Put small toys in zip-lock bags and larger ones in plastic bins or containers.

Packing the cradle

After you finish packing smaller items, it’s time to get to the big stuff. Be sure to ask the movers if they have enough space in the truck to place the cradle or if you have to disassemble it. Also, be sure sure to do so with the help of your interstate movers Maryland. They most likely know how to do this, especially if they have experience in relocations including kids. If your kids are older, do research on disassembling bunk beds and any other pieces of furniture that you can disassemble.

Label everything

After you are done with researching and packing everything, it is time to label the boxes. Even though plastic containers might be transparent, you will still have to label them. After you finish packing boxes, immediately label them. Put them on top of one another. Start from the least probable to use. Keep parts of the disassembled crib like screws in a box you will open first after moving. Also, if you want to have a nice and easy unpacking after the relocation, make sure to ask your cross country movers Maryland to put the boxes in the rooms they are labeled to be in. This is going to make everything easier. You may be on your toes while packing a nursery for an interstate move. However, keep your composure as there is not much to worry about. Stick to simple and effective tips and you got this!