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Reasons for moving from Mechanicsville to Brandywine

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If you’re considering moving to Brandywine from Mechanicsville, you must be adequately prepared for the move. Knowing what to expect after the move is essential for a seamless relocation and ease of settling in the new city. The key to a smooth moving experience is to hire reliable movers Mechanicsville MD offers. There are plenty of good reasons for moving from Mechanicsville to Brandywine. If you’re in search of a bigger city to move to but still want a small-town feel, Brandywine is a perfect choice. Check out all the main differences you will feel after moving to Brandywine. Have fun learning all the interesting facts about this charming Maryland city!

Here are some reasons for moving from Mechanicsville to Brandywine

Like any place, moving to Brandywine has its advantages and disadvantages. However, there are far more benefits of living in Brandywine than there are downsides so don’t hesitate to hire logistic companies Maryland offers and relocate your business here. Some of the main reasons for moving to Brandywine are:

  • it’s more populous than Mechanicsville
  • proximity to major US cities
  • the cost of living is appealing even though it’s above the
  • national average
  • Brandywine is extremely safe
  • you will have good options for outdoor activities
  • housing prices are lower in Brandywine than in Mechanicsville
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You will find numerous reasons for moving from Mechanicsville to Brandywine, start packing!

Brandywine is more populous than Mechanicsville

Although most cities in Maryland aren’t famous for being entertainment hubs, the more populous the city the more entertainment options you’ll have. While Mechanicsville is a tiny town with just over 1,700 residents, Brandywine has a somewhat larger population of 11,504. A larger population also usually means a better job market and more diverse activity options, in addition to more varied entertainment choices. If you plan on starting a small business, you will have great options for Maryland warehouse storage. Your business also has a better chance of thriving in Brandywine thanks to the vicinity of Washington DC and other big cities.

You will be able to commute to work in other major US cities if you move to Brandywine

Brandywine is a small town, and one might say that employment options are not aplenty, but it has a big perk of being very close to some major US cities. If you move to Brandywine with movers Brandywine MD offers, you will be a short drive away from Washington DC, Alexandria, La Plata, Prince Frederick, Arlington, or Falls Church. All of these places offer amazing job opportunities. Although some are more affordable than Brandywine, you will still have the advantage of living in the peaceful, quiet, and safe suburb that is Brandywine.

The cost of living in Brandywine is appealing

Although the cost of living in Brandywine is above average, it’s slightly lower than in Mechanicsville. Namely, the cost of living in Mechanicsville is 30% higher than the national average, while the cost of living in Brandywine is 28% higher than the US average. This might seem like a negligible difference. But if you take into consideration the vicinity of Washinton DC, and the possibility of commuting to work in the US capital, you’ll see why living in Brandywine is so appealing. Living in Washington DC is notoriously expensive. The nation’s capital has a cost of living index of 150, which is 50% higher than average. This makes living in Brandywine affordable compared to Washington DC, so no wonder why young professionals are flocking to this charming suburb.

money is one of the reasons for moving from Mechanicsville to Brandywine
Brandywine is more affordable than Washington DC, so many people choose to live here and work in the US capital.

Although crime rates are lower in Mechanicsville, Brandywine is also highly safe

Both Mechanicsville and Brandywine are incredibly safe places. In fact, the city of Brandywine is one of the safest cities in Maryland, with crime rates 33% lower than the national average. Not having to worry about your safety is a luxury nowadays. Not many people living in Washington DC can say they have it. That’s because the Washington DC crime rates are much higher than the national average, although they’ve been declining. On the other hand, Mechanicsville has an even lower crime rate. But, if you want to move for a new, appealing job opportunity in Washington DC, living in Brandywine is your safest option.

There are parks galore in Brandywine for your kids to enjoy being outdoors

Moving across Maryland from Mechanicsville to Brandywine will not result in any shocking differences when it comes to options for outdoor activities. Both places are surrounded by beautiful nature. But one thing’s for sure; your children will have numerous parks to play at. On the same note, you will have plenty of opportunities to enjoy taking a morning walk or jogging through the park, reveling in the beautiful lush greenery surrounding you.

Housing prices are one of the best reasons for moving from Mechanicsville to Brandywine

Housing prices are what most people want to know when moving across the state. Although this is not the only reason for moving from Mechanicsville to Brandywine, you’ll be glad to know that housing prices are slightly lower in the latter. The median home value in Brandywine is $330,900, which is even more affordable than the national average of $389,400. This means that you should have no trouble affording a house in Brandywine if you were already a homeowner in Mechanicsville. And if you’re downsizing, you’ll have excellent mobile storage units southern Maryland offers at your disposal when you move from Mechanicsville.

Housing prices are one of the main reasons for moving to Brandywine from Mechanicsville.

Choose reliable movers and move from Mechanicsville to Brandywine with ease

Moving is stressful, but you can make it easier by hiring dependable movers in Maryland to help you. There are many reasons for moving from Mechanicsville to Brandywine, and we’re confident you won’t regret it. Brandywine has lots to offer, and one of the biggest perks of moving here across the state is the proximity of the US capital. That will bring you numerous fantastic job opportunities, but you won’t have to pay the price of living in Washington. Instead, you can enjoy a peaceful, affordable, and safe life in Brandywine.