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Warehouse Storage

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If you are looking for a safe space to store your items, try our Maryland warehouse. We have over 50,000 square feet of the finest storage space suitable for short and long-term safekeeping of your items. Our extensive and modern facility allows us to store large and oversized items like pianos or motorcycles. And since Worldwide Moving Systems provides various moving and logistics services, storing your items will be smooth and easy.  If you are interested in storing your items in our storehouse facility in Maryland be free to contact us, we will be glad to help.

Maryland warehouse
Keep your items safe in a modern warehouse facility

Our Maryland warehouse is safe

Even though there are many warehouse facilities in Maryland, finding a suitable space where you can store your items safely is not easy. That is why Worldwide Moving Systems designed a modern and innovative storage facility that can accommodate items of all sizes and types for an unlimited time. Our Maryland warehouse is regularly cleaned and sanitized to meet the highest sanitary standards. You will have no trouble with pests or any other issues of that sort when using our facility. If you are worried about safety, our warehouse is locked and has a 24-hour surveillance system. We take all measures of precaution to ensure your items are safe while they are under our watch.

Your items are kept in sturdy wooden crates

We want to make sure that your items are completely safe from physical and environmental damage. We know how temperature oscillations and condensation can affect the state of your items. Moreover, we want to make sure that your items are safe from any physical damage while they are in transport to or from the warehouse or while they are in the facility. That is why we have special wooden crates that will accommodate your items. Our wooden crates are specially designed to protect your items from all possible damage.

Getting your items in and out of the warehouse is easy with us

Worldwide Moving Systems offers logistics and distribution services as well. Therefore we can help you transport your items to and out of our warehouse facility. If you decide to store your items in our Maryland storage, we will come to your place to pick up your items and transport them safely to our facility. We can also deliver your items once you decide that you need them. All you need to do is give us a call.

Suitable for all types of items

Our warehouse storage is ample and versatile. As we already mentioned, our Maryland storage facility has over 50,000 sq. feet, which allows us to accommodate large items as well. Use our warehouse storage to keep your personal items for as long as possible. Keep your commercial goods safe and ready to ship. You can store a motorcycle over winter. If you do not have a garage, we are the best place for your bike during cold days. It will be crated and preserved in perfect condition until the next spring.  Our Maryland storage is also great for safekeeping artwork, antique furniture, pianos, pool tables, and similar items. So give us a call if you have trouble storing some of those items as well.

warehouse racks
Our warehouse is suitable for all types of items

We can also offer portable storage services

Besides warehouse storage, our company also offers portable storage containers that can make the process of storing your items easy and enjoyable. All you need to do is give us a call and we will deliver you one of the best portable storage containers Maryland has at the moment called Space/Ships, which are available in 12’ & 16′ sizes. We will park the container in front of your property and you can slowly fill it with your items following your own pace.

Worldwide Moving Systems offers a variety of moving and storage solutions

Worldwide Moving Systems is a versatile company that offers many moving, storage, and logistics services to individual and commercial clients. We can help you move your home or business locally in Maryland or across the country. We offer superior packing and crating services. And offer a variety of logistics and freight shipping solutions. All the services we offer nicely complement with warehouse storing that we also provide, which is why using our company for storing your items has many additional benefits like transport, delivery, packing, and crating. Here are some of the other services we provide:

box delivery
We offer a variety of moving and delivery services

Get top-quality storage services in Maryland at affordable rates

We understand that keeping items in storage is not the favorite thing to spend your money on. And we also understand that storage expenses are a heavy burden in times of economic challenges like we are facing today. On the other hand, people always look for quality, even when they are not paying too much. That is why we decided to offer our top storage services at competitive prices. We want to allow as many people from the state of Maryland access to quality storage and the best thing to do that is to lower your prices. If you are moving or you need storage in Maryland, contact us and get a free estimate online.

Call us and keep your items safe

If you are looking for a modern and reliable Maryland warehouse, contact us. Worldwide Moving Systems offers a wide range of storage solutions at affordable prices suitable for the safekeeping of all types of items short and long-term.