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The student guide to South Maryland

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Even though Maryland is the 9th smallest state in America, don’t let that fact discourage you from moving here. It’s home to amazing sports teams, beautiful landscapes, and some of the best educational institutions in the world. Additionally, if you move to South Maryland, you’ll be close to the nation’s capital having all the perks of D.C. without the expensive living.  If you are looking for the student guide to South Maryland, look no further. We have covered. So before you look for movers Southern Maryland, keep reading to find out more.

Greenbelt has many attractions and great colleges in close proximity

Greenbelt is only a couple of minutes away from D.C. It’s famous for being one of the first greenbelt towns. It was created back in 1937 by Roosevelt for his New Deal. The city has parts of two major freeways, the Baltimore-Washington Parkway and the Capitol Beltway. Additionally, it has lots of attractions and some amazing colleges in close proximity you can go to.

Greenbelt was built by Roosevelt in the late 1930s as a part of the New Deal.

Best educational institutions in Greenbelt

Capitol Technology University is an independent college in Maryland. It is dedicated to computer science, engineering, business, and information technology.  It offers 4-year programs that can secure you a college degree as well as a decent job in technology and technology-related business fields. Another amazing educational institution is Prince George’s Community College. It provides programs in fields such as education, technology, public safety and law, and more. Another superb college in South Maryland is the University of Maryland. Actually, it is one of the best universities in the world. It’s located near the capital, there are lots of opportunities to participate in social activities and research, and it has an amazing facility. It offers countless programs you can choose from.

Things to do in Greenbelt

So now that you know what are the best educational institutions, it’s time to take a look at things to do in Greenbelt. Greenbelt Museum narrates the story of how the New Deal changed the area’s landscape in the 1930s. Here, you can learn about the local history and take a look at historic houses and gardens.

Another amazing place you can visit is the Goddard Space Flight Center.  This is one of the first NASA space flight centers and it assisted the organization of lots of missions such as the development of the Hubble Space Telescope and the launch of the Solar Max Sattelite. If you are considering moving to this amazing city, make sure to hire movers Greenbelt MD for the best relocation services.

Annapolis is an amazing city for students who want to study in South Maryland

Annapolis is a modern city where old architecture meets 21-st century living. The charming urban feel, convenient location, and nautical heritage make it a great place for studying and living. So before you look for the best moving companies Annapolis MD, here are the reasons why Annapolis is on the student guide to South Maryland.

Annapolis, Maryland historical architecture
Annapolis is a historic city in South Maryland offering many great attractions for students.

Best educational institutions in Annapolis

At Anne Arundel Community College, there is something for everyone. Here, you will have a chance to study innovative programs including entrepreneurship, computer science, kinesiology, and transfer studies. Another great educational institution in Annapolis is the All-State Career Baltimore campus. the All-State Career Baltimore campus is located near the Broening Highway and it provides a wide variety of programs such as health, commercial driving, skilled trades, business, and HVAC.

Things to do in Annapolis

One of the first districts you should visit in Annapolis is the Annapolis Historic District. This is a National Historic Landmark District, featuring lots of historical sites, such as the Maryland State House and St. Anne’s Church. Another place you can go to in Annapolis is the City Dock. City dock has quaint shops, pubs, historic inns, art galleries, and fashion boutiques. This is a great place where you can go shopping, eat, and enjoy the waterfront. Also, it hosts some of the city’s biggest events like fireworks on New Year’s Eve and Fourth of July and the Spring sailboat show in April.


Laurel is a beautiful place located about halfway between the capital and Baltimore. It used to be a major railroading hub and mill town. Now it is an epicenter for government activity. However, that’s not to say that it doesn’t have some amazing universities nearby and some great activities. So before looking for packing service Maryland, let’s see what Laurel has to offer.

Best educational institutions in Laurel

The student guide to South Maryland can’t be finished without mentioning Bowie State University. Bowie State University has access to high-quality educational programs focusing on technology, education, business, science, and arts. Here, you will find a wide range of programs that support high-demand career fields. Laurel College Center is another great educational institution offering all kinds of programs such as cybersecurity, psychology, criminal justice management, information systems management, and many more.

students in Maryland college
Laurel has some amazing colleges in close proximity.

Things to do in Laurel

After you move here with the help of movers Laurel MD, be sure to check Montpelier Mansion because it’s a must-see place. This plantation house is also known as the Snowden-Long house. It was originally built between 1781 and 1785. It served as a resident for major American figures. Today, Montpelier Mansion and its surroundings are a National Historic Landmark where you can go on a guided tour. Another great place you can go to is Laurel’s House Of Horror and Escape Room, Laurel. This is one of the best haunted houses in Maryland, however, it’s open during the Halloween season between September and November. Paranormal enthusiasts and ghost hunters have checked this location. This place offers haunted attractions that will play on your senses creating anticipation and fear through creative interactions. Also, the escape rooms of the house are open to the public during the year. They challenge the visitors to work together to find a way out of the rooms.

Final words on the student guide to South Maryland

After you’ve followed the student guide to South Maryland we’ve prepared, your relocation can start. Make sure to check out all the nearby places and not limit yourself only to the city you’ve chosen since there are heaps of hidden gems all over the state.