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Things That Can & Can’t Be Stored in Your MD Storage Unit

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When renting a self-storage unit, it’s critical to understand what you can and cannot store in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. Storage units may seem like a safe haven for all of your extra stuff, but there are some things you should never store in one. In today’s article, you can find out what are the things that can & can’t be stored in your MD storage unit. From perishables to illegal items, there are a lot of things you probably won’t be allowed to bring in your storage unit. We at Worldwide Moving Systems are here to share with you this useful information.

Things that can & can’t be stored in your MD storage unit.

Some items are prohibited from being stored at pretty much all storage units. Storage companies are there to provide convenient self-storage options for residential and commercial customers across the country. And you shouldn’t try to take advantage of that. For the most part, they would allow you to bring all kinds of things, but some things just can’t be kept in self-storage. Check out our safe storage tips below if you’re unsure whether or not certain items can be stored in your MD storage unit!

things that can & can't be stored in your MD storage unit, three blue MD units
It’s good to get familiar with the things that can & can’t be stored in your MD storage unit before renting.

What items are safe to store in a storage unit?

You should check everything twice before placing it in self-storage to ensure it’s safe to store. We will now list all of the things you can bring to your storage unit, no questions asked. These are the items people most commonly store in a storage unit and you won’t have any troubles with them. Worldwide Moving Systems also offers delivery services, so that you can have your items delivered any time you want.

1. Furnishing and household items

The most common things people store in their self-storage units are the old furniture or random household items they no longer have space for in their homes but wish to preserve. You can pretty much store anything around your house, as long as it’s not flammable or hazardous. No matter how bulky your big old couch is, there will usually be a unit large enough to store everything you want to keep out of sight.

2. Vehicles

A professional and reputable moving and storage company will have the capacity to store vehicles of any size. You can store any vehicle from motorbikes to automobiles to business vans, compact trucks, and small boats, as well as RVs and campers. You can usually find both indoor and outdoor vehicle storage across the United States. Just make sure your car is registered, insured, and in working order before you get it stored. You can not store a vehicle in a storage unit if it isn’t licensed and insured. With crate & freight moving, we can easily move your vehicle anywhere you want.

a car in front of storage
You can even store your vehicles in a storage unit.

3. Medical and pharmaceutical supplies

Yes, even medical and pharmaceutical supplies can be stored in your MD storage unit. Self-storage can be a convenient way for medical or pharmaceutical supply companies to keep their products organized and accessible without clogging up their office or filling up their car trunks with unnecessary belongings. Most medical supplies can be stored at storage facilities throughout the States. If you need someone to bring your medical supplies from your office to a storage unit, Maryland office movers will gladly take on the job.

4. Construction, landscaping, and other service-related tools and equipment

Do you run a home service business, such as a construction or landscaping company? You can store all your tools and equipment in a self-storage unit. Most long-distance moving companies Maryland will be happy to move your tools and equipment to a storage unit if you don’t have the time. Storage facilities can be used to store trailers, lawnmowers, plumbing supplies, building materials, and other items. If you have any questions about what is or is not on the “safe list”, contact the storage company and ask them for more details.

Things that can’t be stored in a storage unit

Storage facilities have very strict rules about the things that can & can’t be stored in your MD storage unit. If you choose to violate them, you won’t be able to use your storage unit any longer and your goods will be confiscated. Make sure that everything you bring in your storage unit is safe to store. The following is the list of items you can’t store in a storage unit.

1. Perishable goods and food

Your storage unit should be free of mold when you return to retrieve your belongings from it. Food and other perishable items should not be stored unless they are properly protected and packed. In addition to attracting unwanted bugs and other nasties, items of this nature can also be a breeding ground for them. It’s best that you opt for a climate-controlled storage unit if you have some perishable goods you’d like to store. And you can only keep them there if you arrange a short-term storage unit.

perishable goods, potatoes and tomatoes
You also can’t bring any perishable food to your storage unit.

2. Animals

When we talk about things that can & can’t be stored in your MD storage unit, any living creature is a big no. To reiterate, we do not advocate storing any living creatures in a self-storage unit after a recent news story about an elderly woman who put her hamster in a storage box and ended up taking it to her unit. Birds, fish, mammals, reptiles, and mammals are all included. Please do not try to store any living things in your storage unit.

3. Humans

People are not allowed to turn a storage unit into a permanent residence. The fact that our stores are open 24 hours a day doesn’t mean that you can avoid paying rent by renting a storage unit. In addition, storage companies do not allow customers to visit their storage units to purchase goods because they do not support people running businesses or working from their storage units. You can’t run a business in a storage unit. Instead, why not look at our meeting rooms and managed offices if you’re looking for a great place to work?

4. Materials that can burn or catch fire

As a general rule, we don’t want you to keep any hazardous materials in your storage units, such as gas, paint, oil, or cleaning solvents. Due to their combustibility, all of these items can put the entire facility at risk. Ask yourself if something is flammable before deciding whether or not to store it. If the answer is yes, you need to find some other home for that item. This is one of the most strictly followed rules and the storage company will definitely not let you store anything flammable or potentially hazardous in their storage units. Furthermore, professional moving companies like residential movers MD for example, also won’t accept such items.

5. Weapons, explosives, or ammunition

In accordance with the firearm laws in the US, these items must be kept in a secure location where they cannot be accessed by anyone who does not have a firearms certificate. According to the police assessment, they should be kept in a secure gun cabinet or container. For firearms and other explosive devices, the assessment of your unit’s security will not be appropriate because the site where the units are is usually accessed by a large number of customers and the storage facility is not legally yours. So you can’t bring a gun or any firearm or ammunition to your storage unit.

6. Chemical, or radioactive substances

There are only a limited number of places where radioactive materials can be legally stored, and storage units are not one of those places. Other chemicals and hazardous materials, on the other hand, pose a risk to the safety of the site and cannot be stored. For example, as already mentioned, hazardous materials like asbestos and flammable/combustible substances like propane tanks and kerosene. Please do not bring any of these to a storage unit.

harsh chemicals
You can’t bring any harsh chemicals into your storage unit.

7. Illegal items

You can’t bring any illegal items in your MD storage unit. If you do not have a permit for the item, you can not bring in a storage unit. In addition to counterfeit goods, smuggled goods like tobacco, illicit alcohol, unlicensed medicines, and hazardous goods are included in this category. Storage units will not accept any stolen items.

8. Money and checks

Our recommendation would be to use a safe deposit box for this type of item. It doesn’t matter if you keep them at home or somewhere else. The safety and security of most storage units are excellent, but we recommend that you store these items elsewhere. Some storage units will require an inventory list. You should not hide anything from the list, because they will check your items before storing them.

Tips for renting a storage unit

To make sure that your items stay in the best condition possible, we’re here to show you some ways how you can prep your items for storage. If you have any fragile objects, this will be super important. Whether you are storing your belongings in a regular storage unit or mobile storage units Southern Maryland, follow this advice.

Use plastic containers instead of cardboard

Since cardboard can absorb moisture over time, cardboard boxes aren’t the best option for storing items like clothing, photos, and books that are extremely sensitive to moisture. Plastic airtight containers keep moisture out and are a long-term storage solution for almost any purpose.

Clean all of your belongings prior to storing them

In order to keep your belongings safe while they are in self-storage, it is important that you store them in good condition. Before putting any wood, leather, or upholstered furniture into storage, be sure to clean them right. If you choose a climate-controlled unit, all of your belongings will be as good as new.

Be extra wary of fragile objects

Fragile items require special care, so be cautious when handling them. Make sure to wrap all of your fragile items with bubble wrap. And clearly label them when you’re putting them in the storage unit to ensure proper handling and storage. This will also help your movers Waldorf MD to move your items to a storage unit.

kitchenware in natural tones
Make sure you pay special attention to fragile objects like kitchenware.

Maximize the space you’ve got

To maximize value, it may be tempting to cram as many items as possible into the unit. But that way, you’ll have to move a lot of boxes to get to the Christmas lights at the back of the unit if you don’t make paths throughout. It’s tricky for labeling too. To find your fancy fall coffee mugs, you’ll have to wade through boxes of “kitchen stuff” if you don’t label the contents of every box and carton. If you want everything neatly organized in your unit, you may want to think about hiring a packing service Maryland. Or you can just add some shelving units. So you can maintain the pathways and keep similar items together while preventing the stacking of boxes on top of each other Although the space doesn’t necessarily need to be glitzy, even a collection of mismatched secondhand shelving units will do.

We hope that now that you’re familiar with the things that can & can’t be stored in your MD storage unit, you won’t have any problems. With the help of our international movers, you can move anywhere in the world and be sure your items will be delivered safely to your storage unit. Be sure to contact us if you need any help with your moving process.