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Tips on moving long-distance to a colder climate

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If you’re planning on moving to a colder climate, you will have to change many habits, especially if you are coming from places like California or Florida. If you’ve never lived in a cold climate before, this can be challenging for you. During the summertime, you won’t have a problem with outside temperatures. However, most of the year, you will have to dress in warm clothes before going out. Otherwise, you can expose yourself to the risks of frostbite and hypothermia. Therefore, take some time and prepare yourself. Luckily, you can reach out to reliable Maryland movers to help you with moving long-distance to a colder climate. But it’s up to you to research any information that could come in handy during and after your move. Worry not, we’re here to help.

Other benefits of moving to a colder climate

Although you will have to adjust to a colder climate, this move will come with some benefits.

  • There are far fewer bugs and insects in a colder climate
  • If you suffer from a pollen allergy, it should reduce quite a bit
  • It’s proven that people sleep better in colder climates and suffer from fewer headaches than those who live in warmer climates

Of course, before you start to enjoy yourself, you will have to overcome the challenges of the cold climate. Reading further, you will learn how to prepare yourself, your kids, your pets, and your car. Once you organize well, you will be ready to enjoy your first snowtime.

Woman, Man, and Girl Sitting on Snow - moving long-distance to a colder climate.
A family enjoys their first snowtime.

Moving long-distance to a colder climate is best before wintertime

Experienced long distance moving companies Maryland offers recommend moving to your new place before wintertime. Why is this important? Firstly, your body will have time to gradually get used to lower temperatures. Secondly, you will have time to purchase all things that you will need. Also, you will have time to prepare your kids and pets for winter conditions.

Namely, moving from a hot climate, you will leave many things behind. You will simply not need them in cold places. Additionally, you likely won’t buy winter clothes just to transport them to your new home. This way, the size of your move will be smaller and, with that, your moving costs will be lower. The bottom line is – you will definitely find much better winter gear in your new place.

Things that you will need when living in colder places

Be prepared that, living in a cold climate, you will need to spend more on winter gear. You will need warm clothes and footwear. And, you will need several new items too. To start with, you should get what is necessary, including:

  • warm clothes (sweaters, waterproof jackets, gloves, thermal socks, etc.)
  • insulated, waterproof boots
  • warm, fluffy blankets
  • lip balm and hydrating cream for hands and face

However, don’t rush and buy all the things you need at once. When it comes to clothes and boots, buy one jacket and one pair of boots for each family member. After Christmas, and especially during January, you can expect great sales. So, during that period, you can get some more winter clothes.

Cleaning car from snow.
You will have to prepare your car for snow and freezing temperatures.

Keep your home warm during the wintertime

When temperatures outside start going below freezing, it’s very important to keep your home warm. So, check the house insulation as soon as possible after moving to your new place. Make sure that:

  • the windows and doors are well fitted
  • the walls have good insulation

Besides ordinary heating, you may also add an electric fireplace. They can be very decorative. So, besides warming up the living room, they will make it cozier. After purchase, count on delivery service Maryland residents trust for a fast transportation.

Living in the colder climate will result in higher utility bills

As soon as you arrive in the colder regions, you can expect higher bills for gas or electricity, depending on the type of heating. And if the house is not well insulated, you will have to heat it more. Thus your bills will be even higher. In addition to the fact that your family will be warm, you’ll also protect the house plumbing with good insulation. Preventing your pipes from freezing and bursting, will save you a lot of money in the long term.

Prepare your car for winter conditions

As soon as your interstate movers Maryland has bring you to your new home, you should start preparing your car for winter conditions. The basic things that you should do are:

  • add antifreeze to prevent the water in the car radiator from freezing
  • change motor oil with the thinner one, which has the right viscosity for the winter
  • replace the existing tires with specialized winter tires
  • check the car battery – the cold can easily drain the energy from it, so make sure it is well charged
  • add the windshield washer fluid instead of plain water
  • get winter wiper blades
  • make the survival kit for the car – in case you get stuck in a snowdrift
  • wash your car more often – the salt on the roads can cause damage to your car

Learn how to drive in wintertime

After moving long-distance to a colder climate, be careful with driving. Take some time to practice winter driving. It is best to do it at the empty parking lot. That way, you will get a feeling of how to handle your car on the snowy road. You can expect slippery surfaces, black ice, fishtailing, and other weather-related difficulties.

Close-up of Black Teapot.
A hot beverage will heat you up after show sports.

Of course, never speed when driving in such conditions. Therefore, when you need to go somewhere, give yourself a headstart so that you can affort to take your time. You will definitely take longer to reach your destination.

Prepare yourself for dealing with ice and snow when moving long-distance to a colder climate

Living in a hot climate, you’ve most likely never had to dig your car out of the snow. You’ve also probably never had to clean pathways and driveways. For this reason, keep in mind that living in a colder climate is different. You will need to purchase high-quality snow removal equipment. A good snow shovel is a must. Also, when you need to go somewhere, add up the time that you will need for cleaning. That way, you won’t be late. If you’ve relied on trustworthy¬†logistic companies Maryland has to help you relocate, you can ask them to relocate all your stuff so that they take at least one snow activity off your hands.

Final words

Once you’ve gotten the hang of moving long-distance to a colder climate, you can start your new life completely stress-free. Take a few days to adjust and make sure you’ve organized all your ventures so that nothing gets in the way of your comfort. Don’t forget to find the time to enjoy all the benefits that a colder climate brings.