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Top cities to buy a home in Maryland

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The time has come to become a homeowner and you are looking for a city where you can make it happen. The offer for real estate is huge, but you should choose the best. If you have a problem finding a city that will fit your budget and at the same time meet all your expectations, we are here to help you. With the expert opinion of movers Southern Maryland, you will be presented in detail with the top cities to buy a home in Maryland. Let’s choose your new hometown together!

What should be considered when choosing a city?

Whether you’re a resident of the best city to buy a home or you’re moving from another city, choosing where to invest in a home won’t be easy. Many factors will influence your choice. Buyers wonder where it will be affordable for them to buy a home, whether the city will meet their needs, or whether they will be happy. That’s why we, with the help of local movers MD, will give you suggestions on what to consider when choosing a city to call home. The biggest factor in the decision-making will be the budget, but let’s see the others as well.

a person counting money and thinking about the top cities to buy a home in Maryland
The choice of real estate will be largely influenced by your budget, but many other important factors will determine the best city to buy a home
  • Job offers
  • Cost of living
  • Education
  • Health care
  • Weather
  • Crime rate

Let’s see the top cities to buy a home in Maryland

They say the best things come in small packages. So, we have selected for you a few gems of Maryland as the best choice for your new home.

Clinton, MD is one of the top cities to buy a home in Maryland

Clinton is a medium-sized city in Prince George’s County, with a population of 38,760. Although the majority of the population is African American, the society is multi-ethnic and multi-religious. This city, with a history dating back to 1770, still contains the details from the 18th and 19th centuries for which it is famous. It is primarily the Wyoming House, built in the period between these two centuries, and found in the Survey of Historic American Buildings. The city is also the family home of actor and director Luke Barnett.

The best things about Clinton, MD

The most positive fact about Clinton is his huge median household income. The amount of $102,534 is almost double the national average of 55,322%. The poverty rate is only 5.6% which is significantly less than the national rate of 15.1%, but also the Maryland Poverty Rate of 9.9%.

Another positive thing is the utilities. Compared to the national average, utilities are almost 10 percent lower in Clinton. But other costs of living, goods and services, groceries, health care, and housing are higher than the national average. If you are moving from another city in Maryland, it will be important to know that the average costs are close to the average for the state of Maryland.

Clinton’s top schools are in Windbrook, Clinton Hills, and Clinton Heights, although Clinton does not boast highly ranked schools. However, the good thing about your children’s lives is the fact that Clinton is safer than 56% of other cities in the US. Compared to the national average, traffic on highways and roads is the lowest. Many residents use public transportation in the form of the subway, which leads to less congestion on the roads and less air pollution. Transportation costs are at a lower level than the national average.

Subway and man
Top cities to buy a home in Maryland also have well-developed public transportation like this one in Clinton

The downside of living in Clinton, MD

Even if you find the best deal to buy a house, it won’t matter if it’s a city where you won’t find a job. If due to factors that are more than favorable, you decide to buy a house in Clinton, make sure that you will have a job first. This city’s unemployment rate is 34% higher than the national average. If you are in the computer and math industry you have a better chance of getting a job because this is a city that has more employees in this field than 95% of other US cities. The largest number of residents work in public services (21.8%) and health care (10.5%).

Another negative side is the high median price of properties. In October of this year, the amount was $399,000, and it has been growing every year. However, if you are one of those with a bigger budget and have already found a job, contact one of the best moving companies in Clinton MD, and book your relocation.

Upper Marlboro, MD

This tiny town ranks 245th largest among all cities in Maryland. It belongs to the same district as Clinton but is characterized by a larger white population than in Clinton (35%). The majority, however, are African American. The total number of inhabitants in this area is 70613. It is a rich society, highly educated, with urban tastes.

What makes Upper Marlboro a good place to live?

Upper Marlboro’s crime rate is 3.1 times lower than the national average. Life in this small town is safer than in 35% of other US cities. Baden and the Village of Oak Grove are the safest neighborhoods to live in. The median household income is $92,500 with a poverty rate of 3.6%. The average property value is $301,600, and just 16.3% of the city’s population are renters. If you are coming to the city with children, it will be important for you to know that the education system is also at a higher level. All schools, primary, secondary and high schools are rated higher.

Top cities to buy a home in Maryland has good schools with happy kids
If you want your children to be happy and successful, enroll them in schools in Upper Marlboro

If you are employed in the healthcare field, you will be the best paid in this city. The median salary is as much as $141,250. After the salaries of these specialists, the highest salaries are in the field of computers and mathematics. You should do your best to research the real estate market if you want to have this size of income. As soon as you find an attractive offer, book a moving appointment with moving companies in Upper Marlboro. Our experts are at your service.

The downside of Upper Marlboro

What you won’t like if you decide to buy real estate in this city are the high taxes. Upper Marlboro collects the maximum local sales tax. There is no applicable county, city, or special tax.

Brandywine, MD is one of the top cities to buy a home in Maryland

This is another town in Prince George’s County named after the Battle of Brandywine that took place during the American Revolutionary War. According to the 2020 census, there were 5 times more blacks and African Americans than in other nations. That’s 6,650 inhabitants out of a total of 8,990 in this city. Until the beginning of the 21st century, this was a rural area. Then the construction of residential and shopping centers, as well as traffic infrastructure, began.

Why buy a home in Brandywine, MD?

Among the recommended cities, this one has the highest income. The average household income recorded an annual growth of 1.63% and amounted to $113,835. In 2019, only 3.4 percent of Brandywine residents had income below the poverty level. This is also the city where the highest-paid Architecture, Engineering professionals are at a tempting $122,372. Buying a home will seem impossible for someone coming from a lower-paying area, given the median home price of nearly $400k. However, if you have this type of income that Brandywine offers, you will quickly reach your goal.

The northern part of town is considered safer to live in and the odds of becoming a victim in this part are 1 in 83. With good schools, such as those in Brandywine, this will be an ideal place to raise a family. Another positive fact of living in Brandywine is the cost of health care. In addition to the high level of health care, you will spend less on it than at the national level. Other costs are higher than the national average, but you may ignore them if you have a good income.

a woman at the doctor
Small towns can be distinguished by good and affordable healthcare

Brandywine’s sales tax rate is like Maryland’s 6%, but the average property tax paid was 1.3%. Even 92% of the population are homeowners. But if you initially plan to live in a rented apartment, you will pay from $1,900 to $3,300 per month, depending on the size of the apartment. Whether you’re buying real estate first and moving, or renting a home and looking for real estate, the best movers Brandywine MD will help you complete your relocation as quickly as possible.

The only downside to living in Brandywine, MD

The downside of living in this city is the unemployment rate of 7.8 percent, so it’s important to look for a job before buying real estate. Otherwise, you may end up among the 3.4 percent of the population with incomes below the poverty level.

Although small, these are top cities to buy a home in Maryland

After all the above, you can see that it is not important to live in a big city to have a quality life. All these cities have an interesting social life and a large number of events throughout the year. They are also suitable for walking or cycling, so you can lead a healthy sports life. There are parks, places for horse riding, and golf courses. Among the many cities, these are, in the opinion of our moving companies, the top cities to buy a home in Maryland. Think about it before you make a decision.