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Top Family-Friendly MD Cities

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Although Maryland is one of the smallest states in the USA, it’s a very good choice for raising families. It’s known as mini America, because of its diversity in culture and natural features. Only deserts are missing. Also, it’s the perfect mixture of the south and north influence. The position of Maryland is one of its top advantages, 30 min away from Washington and an hour away from Philadelphia. So it’s almost certain that everyone will find their cup of tea in Maryland. Maryland movers will take care of your relocation, once you pick one of the family-friendly MD cities. There are so many charming little cities perfect to call home and start a family. Based on the factors such as education, housing cost, crime rate, and safety, we enlisted top family-friendly cities in Maryland.

What is it like to live in Maryland?

Living in Maryland is great. Its nearness to Washington results in a strong economy and a lot of job opportunities. Baltimore itself is a huge job market, especially government jobs. In favor of that speaks the fact that 56% of newcomers moved for the job and 23% came in for the family. The cost of living is somewhat affordable, however, some parts of Maryland are pricey. All four seasons are the trait of this part of the USA. Families with children will love it for sure. Professional movers Waldorf will relocate your whole household any time of the year. What else you should know before moving your family to Maryland?

A tree member family in search for family-friendly MD cities
Maryland is a good choice for raising children.
  • A numerous national and state parks in such a small state. That and the geographical diversity are the reasons for the nickname America in miniature. Whether your family likes mountains or the beaches, you’ll find it there. The whole oceanfront of Maryland consists of gorgeous beaches like Ocean City and Sandy Point near Annapolis.
  • The culture and arts are diverse in Maryland. Both, southern and northern American influences in culture merge here. Some of the famous museums are here, Smithsonian, Walters Art Museum, and the National Aquarium. As for the architecture, it’s present colonial influence.
  • For sports fans, there are two NFL teams in Maryland, Baltimore Ravens and Redskins. Also, there are many college-level teams. Not to forget Baltimore Orioles, for baseball fans.
  • Maryland has an excellent education system, highly rated public schools, and universally acclaimed universities.


This little city is almost on every top family-friendly list in the past few years. One of the reasons is its proximity to bigger cities, Washington and Annapolis. Only 20 miles away from both. This is especially important for young professionals who commute every day. Other things that attract young people to Bowie are its great schools and low crime rate. Most of the residents own their homes, more than 90%. And a third of the families have minor children. A lot of parks and family amenities along with a suburban lifestyle, make it perfect for young families. Due to all of these positive factors, there is a high demand for homes in Bowie. However, that results in higher prices, too. So, the cost of housing and living in Bowie is slightly above the Maryland average. If you decide to move to Bowie, mobile storage units southern Maryland might help.

Suburban street and houses.
Bowie is one of the top family-friendly MD cities.


With a population of more than 60000, Gaithersburg classifies as one of the biggest cities in MD. It’s practically a suburb of the capital and 45 miles away from Baltimore. And that is the main reason for its popularity among young family people. Being close to Washington means more job opportunities and top schools. What’s also good about Gaithersburg is its diverse neighborhoods. Even if your finances are limited, you could easily find a nice home in a safe area. Violate and property crime rates are below the national average. Numerous parks and lakefronts offer opportunities for outdoor activities with kids. Almost 35% of families have at least one minor child. Schools are rated as top-notch by the parents. This quiet and family-oriented city is a great choice for raising kids. Entrust your household items to packing service Maryland and have a stress-free move.

Bel Air

According to Bel Air is one of the best places to live in Maryland. The average commute time is about 30 min. It’s a great choice for those who work in Baltimore, but who want to live in a smaller and quieter place. This city ranks well due to the high education of its residents. And schools are highly rated based on the accomplishments of their students. This place offers its residents a mixture of country and city lifestyles. The median income is above the national average, but housing and services are affordable. The crime rate is higher than in the rest of Maryland, tho. There is always something fun to do with your family. All kinds of events are held in Bel Air, like Girl Scouts, Earth Day Celebration, kite festivals, and such.

Parents with son holding boxes.
Pick the right place to live with your family based on its best traits.


Waldorf is one of the top family-friendly MD cities, just 30 minutes away from Washington. Living in Waldorf offers its inhabitants a dense suburban feel. The majority of the population owns their homes and they tend to be liberal. Public schools in this area are above the average. According to, there are numerous kid-friendly family activities in Waldorf. Even more in a wide area of Washington and other cities. There are theaters, family centers, skating rinks, etc.

Takoma Park

This is one safe and comfortable place for living. Also, it’s a very green neighborhood, with a lot of trees and green areas. As for the other aspects of life, there are plenty of options. Many restaurants, stores, and shops are located here. This place was planned as a suburban community. Its traits make it highly sought-after. The best part is that you are just 10 miles away from all the galleries, museums, best schools, etc.

These were just some of the many family-friendly MD cities. Whatever you decide, you can’t go wrong with this lovely state. Friendly people, beautiful nature, a lot of fun activities await you and your family.