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Valuation/Insurance options for your move

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Customers who assume movers replace everything if it’s been damaged during a move have uninformed and unrealistic expectations of the moving industry. Those types of expectations can cause undue stress and anxiety for both the customer and moving personnel. So, what should you expect? It really depends on what type of liability you select when signing your local or long-distance bill of lading. Standard and additional valuation coverage is not dollar-for-dollar coverage.   While we endeavor to provide the best quality of service, there is still a chance of items becoming damaged during a move. Click here to understand the rights and responsibilities


                            Please see below for Valuation and Insurance coverage options.                                                             


                                                CERTIFICATE OF VALUATION
                                                (Mover’s Liability to Shipper)

Worldwide Moving Systems accepts your belongings for transportation and commits to providing careful handling and diligent care throughout your move. Despite a mover’s best effort, damage can occur.
In compliance with applicable law, it is important that you understand our liability to you in the event of loss and that you release your belongings to us at an understood level of liability. Below are the three levels that our company offers and the corresponding cost. Before your move, the signature is required beside one of the options provided for us to determine the level of protection you desire. A signature is also required at the bottom (Issued To:) to ensure that you understand all options. If you have any questions please talk to your moving consultant or call our customer service department at 1-800-333-5303.

Option # 1 Basic Liability Coverage $100.00 Deductible

By far the most preferred choice for local moves. This option is at no cost to the customer and allows for released valuation at $.60 per pound per article. This means that a 150lb cabinet would have $90.00 worth of protection > (150lbs x $0.60 = $90.00)
This level of protection is very economical and generally covers the costs of scratches and dents that could occur in a local move.
This level of protection should be considered inadequate for the replacement of high-value items. Although there is no cost for this protection, the customer does assume some of the risks. There is a $100.00 per item limitation and no liability for items packed-by-owner (PBO) or another moving company. Shipments that convert from government storage to private storage automatically convert to Option 1 unless a higher level is selected at cost and an inspection of the government shipment is performed. The inspection incurs a significant cost to you. Ask for details.

Option # 2 Increased Liability Protection $500.00 Deductible
This option increases the mover’s liability to $6.00 per pound per article with a $1,000.00 per item limitation. The same 150lb
cabinet would now have $900.00 worth of protection > (150lbs x $6.00 = $900.00). This type of protection is significantly higher than a basic liability but may not provide replacement value. There is a $500.00 deductible applied and all claims are subject to standard depreciation. The cost for this option is $25.00 for each $1,000.00 of desired coverage. There is a maximum coverage of $25,000.00 on all moves and a minimum coverage of $5,000.00.
*One month of storage coverage is included. Additional storage requires an extension of coverage at the rate of 10% of the premium per month.

Option 2 is only available if you complete a shipment inspection at the time of storage conversion.

Option # 3 Increased Liability Protection $100.00 Deductible
Customer Signature
The liability is the same as option # 2, but the deductible is much lower and the premium is higher. The cost is $35.00 for each
$1,000.00 of desired coverage. There is maximum coverage of $25,000.00 and minimum coverage of $5,000.00.

*One month of storage coverage is included. Additional storage requires an extension of coverage at the rate of 10% of the premium per month.


Option 3 is only available if you complete a shipment inspection at the time of storage conversion.

General Conditions:
Up to the Valuation Amount shown, we will be liable for loss or damage to your property caused by or resulting from our negligence or our failure to use ordinary care in the handling of your property while it is in our care, custody, or control. If we are responsible for loss or damage, we will pay the amount shown above, the verifiable cost of the damaged or lost items, or the amount needed to repair the damaged items, whichever is less. Replacement is based on depreciated values. We cannot be liable for loss or damage that results from causes beyond our control. These causes might include earthquakes, floods, tidal waters, volcanic eruptions, severe climate conditions, or other acts of nature, labor riots, war, military or police actions, or nuclear reaction or radiation. Acts or omissions of the shipper, such as poor packing-by-owner (PBO) or undisclosed items (flammables, high-value items), are not covered under our liability.

1. Unless you specifically point them out and specify a value on the Inventory, Bill of Lading, or Warehouse Receipt we accept no liability for jewelry, silverware, firearms, fine arts, antiques, collections, or other items of extraordinary value.
2. We never accept liability for money, currency, valuable or negotiable instruments (stock certificates, bonds, etc.),
manuscripts, or other valuable documents.
3. We only accept liability for the actual loss or damage, nor for any consequence of the loss or damage.
4. If a mechanical or electrical device does not work upon delivery, we will only accept liability if there is obvious external damage to the packaging (or to the device, if not packaged).
5. We cannot accept liability for deterioration, wear and tear, or damage caused by the normal use and aging of your property.
6. We are not liable for items with inherent vice (ie, particle board) or defects (ie, broken pieces, damaged hinges/joints)
that would result in damage with normal handling under normal moving conditions. (Not limited to provided examples.)
7. Boxes packed-by-owner (PBO) or another agent other than this company are not subject to liability protection.

Insurance coverage

Alternate Liability Coverage: If you find that our Valuation options do not provide the level of coverage you require, visit for an independent quote. We are not affiliated with nor receive compensation from

Moving insurance protects your goods in transit while en route to your new home, whether on the truck or while in temporary storage. It’s important to insure your move because even the most careful moving companies encounter unexpected circumstances such as fire, motor vehicle accidents, theft, natural disasters, and more. And as we are all aware, accidents do happen!